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Ronaldo Giro
IBM Research - Brazil
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Structure and dynamics of carbon nanoscrolls
SF Braga, VR Coluci, SB Legoas, R Giro, DS Galvão, RH Baughman
Nano letters 4 (5), 881-884, 2004
Molecular dynamics simulations of C60 nanobearings
SB Legoas, R Giro, DS Galvao
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Photoluminescence Studies of Phenanthrene− Azomethyne Conjugated− Nonconjugated Multiblock Copolymer
AM Machado, M Munaro, TD Martins, LYA Dávila, R Giro, MJ Caldas, ...
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Designing conducting polymers using genetic algorithms
R Giro, M Cyrillo, DS Galvao
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Understanding the interaction of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with mutagenic organic pollutants using computational modeling and biological experiments
GA Umbuzeiro, VR Coluci, JG Honorio, R Giro, DA Morales, ASG Lage, ...
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Band gap engineering for poly(p‐phenylene) and poly(p‐phenylene vinylene) copolymers using the tight‐binding approach
R Giro, MJ Caldas, DS Galvão
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Emergence of prime numbers as the result of evolutionary strategy
PRA Campos, VM De Oliveira, R Giro, DS Galvao
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Adsorption energy as a metric for wettability at the nanoscale
R Giro, PW Bryant, M Engel, RF Neumann, MB Steiner
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Nanoparticle design for enhanced oil recovery
R Giro, C Feger, MB Steiner
US Patent 10,392,555, 2019
Atomistic molecular dynamics study of interface formation: Al on poly (p-phenylene vinylene)
R Giro, MJ Caldas
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Using artificial intelligence methods to design new conducting polymers
R Giro, M Cyrillo, DS Galvão
Materials Research 6, 523-528, 2003
Emission redshift in DCM2-doped caused by nonlinear Stark shifts and Förster-mediated exciton diffusion
G Candiotto, R Giro, BAC Horta, FP Rosselli, M De Cicco, CA Achete, ...
Physical Review B 102 (23), 235401, 2020
Quantifying defects in N-layer graphene via a phenomenological model of Raman spectroscopy
R Giro, BS Archanjo, EHM Ferreira, RB Capaz, A Jorio, CA Achete
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2014
Molecular hyperfine fields in organic magnetoresistance devices
R Giro, FP Rosselli, R dos Santos Carvalho, RB Capaz, M Cremona, ...
Physical Review B 87 (12), 125204, 2013
A platform for analysis of nanoscale liquids with an array of sensor devices based on two-dimensional material
M Engel, PW Bryant, RF Neumann, R Giro, C Feger, P Avouris, M Steiner
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Method for optimizing the design of micro-fluidic devices
JT Azpiroz, PW Bryant, RNB Ferreira, BDC Flach, R Giro, RL Ohta
US Patent 9,892,225, 2018
Calcium deposition on poly (para-phenylene vinylene): Molecular dynamics simulations
R Giro, MJ Caldas
Physical Review B 76 (16), 161303, 2007
AlCl3-Catalyzed Intramolecular Hydroarylation of Arenes with Alkynes
Y Li, Y Wang, D Xu, R Jin, G Gu, H Guo
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Effects of chlorine gas exposure on the optical properties of rhodium phthalocyanine films
L Gaffo, ODD Couto Jr, R Giro, MJSP Brasil, DS Galvão, F Cerdeira, ...
Solid state communications 131 (1), 53-56, 2004
Nanoscale flow chip platform for laboratory evaluation of enhanced oil recovery materials
M Engel, BH Wunsch, RF Neumann, R Giro, PW Bryant, JT Smith, ...
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition?, D021S019R002, 2017
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