Peter Cimermančič
Peter Cimermančič
Scientist, Verily
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antiSMASH: rapid identification, annotation and analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters in bacterial and fungal genome sequences
MH Medema, K Blin, P Cimermancic, V De Jager, P Zakrzewski, ...
Nucleic acids research 39 (suppl_2), W339-W346, 2011
Insights into secondary metabolism from a global analysis of prokaryotic biosynthetic gene clusters
P Cimermancic, MH Medema, J Claesen, K Kurita, LCW Brown, ...
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Global landscape of HIV–human protein complexes
S Jaeger, P Cimermancic, N Gulbahce, JR Johnson, KE McGovern, ...
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Discovery and characterization of gut microbiota decarboxylases that can produce the neurotransmitter tryptamine
BB Williams, AH Van Benschoten, P Cimermancic, MS Donia, ...
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SNX27 mediates retromer tubule entry and endosome-to-plasma membrane trafficking of signalling receptors
P Temkin, B Lauffer, S Jäger, P Cimermancic, NJ Krogan, M Von Zastrow
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The Cyclin K/Cdk12 complex maintains genomic stability via regulation of expression of DNA damage response genes
D Blazek, J Kohoutek, K Bartholomeeusen, E Johansen, P Hulinkova, ...
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Vif hijacks CBF-β to degrade APOBEC3G and promote HIV-1 infection
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A mass spectrometry–guided genome mining approach for natural product peptidogenomics
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Covalent docking of large libraries for the discovery of chemical probes
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High-quality MS/MS spectrum prediction for data-dependent and data-independent acquisition data analysis
S Tiwary, R Levy, P Gutenbrunner, F Salinas Soto, KK Palaniappan, ...
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A systematic computational analysis of biosynthetic gene cluster evolution: lessons for engineering biosynthesis
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Affinity purification–mass spectrometry and network analysis to understand protein-protein interactions
JH Morris, GM Knudsen, E Verschueren, JR Johnson, P Cimermancic, ...
Nature protocols 9 (11), 2539-2554, 2014
CryptoSite: expanding the druggable proteome by characterization and prediction of cryptic binding sites
P Cimermancic, P Weinkam, TJ Rettenmaier, L Bichmann, DA Keedy, ...
Journal of molecular biology 428 (4), 709-719, 2016
Host cell interactome of HIV-1 Rev includes RNA helicases involved in multiple facets of virus production
S Naji, G Ambrus, P Cimermančič, JR Reyes, JR Johnson, R Filbrandt, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11 (4), 2012
Architecture of the human and yeast general transcription and DNA repair factor TFIIH
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IMG-ABC: a knowledge base to fuel discovery of biosynthetic gene clusters and novel secondary metabolites
M Hadjithomas, IMA Chen, K Chu, A Ratner, K Palaniappan, E Szeto, ...
MBio 6 (4), 10.1128/mbio. 00932-15, 2015
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X Wang, IE Chemmama, C Yu, A Huszagh, Y Xu, R Viner, SA Block, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (39), 16310-16320, 2017
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