Luca Monticelli
Luca Monticelli
Research Director at CNRS
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The MARTINI coarse-grained force field: extension to proteins
L Monticelli, SK Kandasamy, X Periole, RG Larson, DP Tieleman, ...
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G Rossi, J Barnoud, L Monticelli
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On Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Models for C60 Fullerene
L Monticelli
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Effects of carbon nanoparticles on lipid membranes: a molecular simulation perspective
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Force fields for classical molecular dynamics
L Monticelli, DP Tieleman
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Selective ligand-induced stabilization of active and desensitized parathyroid hormone type 1 receptor conformations
A Bisello, M Chorev, M Rosenblatt, L Monticelli, DF Mierke, SL Ferrari
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G Rossi, PFJ Fuchs, J Barnoud, L Monticelli
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (49), 14353-14362, 2012
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