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Paulo Fernando Gonçalves
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Insights on recyclable catalytic system composed of task-specific ionic liquids for the chemical fixation of carbon dioxide
AL Girard, N Simon, M Zanatta, S Marmitt, P Gonçalves, J Dupont
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DS Rampon, FS Rodembusch, JMFM Schneider, IH Bechtold, ...
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Self-assembly and structural characterization of Echinococcus granulosus antigen B recombinant subunit oligomers
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An evaluation of the chalcogen atom effect on the mesomorphic and electronic properties in a new homologous series of chalcogeno esters
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Optimization of molecular cavities in the PCM of neutral molecules using charge dependent atomic radii: applications to the semi-empirical AM1 and MNDO/PM3 methods
PFB Gonçalves, PR Livotto
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Investigating the intersystem crossing rate and triplet quantum yield of Protoporphyrin IX by means of pulse train fluorescence technique
F Gotardo, LHZ Cocca, TV Acunha, A Longoni, J Toldo, PFB Gonçalves, ...
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Synthesis of amino acid-derived 1, 2, 3-triazoles: development of a nontrivial fluorescent sensor in solution for the enantioselective sensing of a carbohydrate and bovine …
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