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Realization of the Hofstadter Hamiltonian with ultracold atoms in optical lattices
M Aidelsburger, M Atala, M Lohse, JT Barreiro, B Paredes, I Bloch
Physical review letters 111 (18), 185301, 2013
14-qubit entanglement: Creation and coherence
T Monz, P Schindler, JT Barreiro, M Chwalla, D Nigg, WA Coish, ...
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An open-system quantum simulator with trapped ions
JT Barreiro, M Müller, P Schindler, D Nigg, T Monz, M Chwalla, ...
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M Aidelsburger, M Lohse, C Schweizer, M Atala, JT Barreiro, ...
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Direct measurement of the Zak phase in topological Bloch bands
M Atala, M Aidelsburger, JT Barreiro, D Abanin, T Kitagawa, E Demler, ...
Nature Physics 9 (12), 795-800, 2013
Beating the channel capacity limit for linear photonic superdense coding
JT Barreiro, TC Wei, PG Kwiat
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Generation of hyperentangled photon pairs
JT Barreiro, NK Langford, NA Peters, PG Kwiat
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Universal digital quantum simulation with trapped ions
BP Lanyon, C Hempel, D Nigg, M Müller, R Gerritsma, F Zähringer, ...
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M Atala, M Aidelsburger, M Lohse, JT Barreiro, B Paredes, I Bloch
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P Schindler, JT Barreiro, T Monz, V Nebendahl, D Nigg, M Chwalla, ...
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A quantum information processor with trapped ions
P Schindler, D Nigg, T Monz, JT Barreiro, E Martinez, SX Wang, S Quint, ...
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Remote state preparation: arbitrary remote control of photon polarization
NA Peters, JT Barreiro, ME Goggin, TC Wei, PG Kwiat
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Remote preparation of single-photon “hybrid” entangled and vector-polarization states
JT Barreiro, TC Wei, PG Kwiat
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Counterfactual quantum computation through quantum interrogation
O Hosten, MT Rakher, JT Barreiro, NA Peters, PG Kwiat
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Experimental multiparticle entanglement dynamics induced by decoherence
JT Barreiro, P Schindler, O Gühne, T Monz, M Chwalla, CF Roos, ...
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Hyperentangled Bell-state analysis
TC Wei, JT Barreiro, PG Kwiat
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Measurement of geometric phase for mixed states using single photon interferometry
M Ericsson, D Achilles, JT Barreiro, D Branning, NA Peters, PG Kwiat
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JT Barreiro, JD Bancal, P Schindler, D Nigg, M Hennrich, T Monz, N Gisin, ...
Nature Physics 9 (9), 559-562, 2013
Hyperentanglement-enabled direct characterization of quantum dynamics
TM Graham, JT Barreiro, M Mohseni, PG Kwiat
Physical review letters 110 (6), 060404, 2013
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