Mauro Sergio Pavao
Mauro Sergio Pavao
Professor, Instituto de Bioquímica Médica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
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Glycosaminoglycans: key players in cancer cell biology and treatment
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Erratum to: Dermatan sulfate in tunicate phylogeny: Order-specific sulfation pattern and the effect of [→ 4IdoA (2-Sulfate) β-1→ 3GalNAc (4-Sulfate) β-1→] motifs in dermatan …
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Oversulfated Dermatan Sulfate Exhibits Neurite Outgrowth-promoting Activity toward Embryonic Mouse Hippocampal Neurons IMPLICATIONS OF DERMATAN SULFATE IN NEURITOGENESIS IN THE …
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Syndecan‐1 modulates β‐integrin‐dependent and interleukin‐6‐dependent functions in breast cancer cell adhesion, migration, and resistance to irradiation
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Interactions of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor with various glycosaminoglycans reveal an important interplay between the presence of iduronate and sulfate density
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