Rodrigo Ribeiro-Rodrigues
Rodrigo Ribeiro-Rodrigues
Professor de Imunologia, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
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A role for CD4+CD25+ T cells in regulation of the immune response during human tuberculosis
R Ribeiro‐Rodrigues, T Resende Co, R Rojas, Z Toossi, R Dietze, ...
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Trypanosoma rangeli (Tejera, 1920) isolated from a sylvatic rodent (Echimys dasythrix) in Santa Catarina Island, Santa Catarina State: first report of this trypanosome in …
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do intestinal nematodes increase the risk for multibacillary leprosy?
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T regulatory cells and plasmocytoid dentritic cells in hansen disease: a new insight into pathogenesis?
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Presence of intestinal helminths decreases T helper type 1 responses in tuberculoid leprosy patients and may increase the risk for multi‐bacillary leprosy
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Importance of cough and M. tuberculosis strain type as risks for increased transmission within households
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