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Control of decoherence of many-body excitations in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
N Bar-Gill, E Rowen, R Pugatch, G Kurizki, N Davidson
Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, QThE6, 2008
Acceleration of quantum decay processes by frequent observations
AG Kofman, G Kurizki
Nature 405 (6786), 546-550, 2000
Improvement on teleportation of continuous variables by photon subtraction via conditional measurement
T Opatrný, G Kurizki, DG Welsch
Physical Review A 61 (3), 032302, 2000
Quantum technologies with hybrid systems
G Kurizki, P Bertet, Y Kubo, K Mølmer, D Petrosyan, P Rabl, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (13), 3866-3873, 2015
Spontaneous and induced atomic decay in photonic band structures
AG Kofman, G Kurizki, B Sherman
Journal of Modern Optics 41 (2), 353-384, 1994
Universal dynamical control of quantum mechanical decay: modulation of the coupling to the continuum
AG Kofman, G Kurizki
Physical review letters 87 (27), 270405, 2001
Bose-Einstein condensates with 1/r interatomic attraction: Electromagnetically induced “gravity”
D O'dell, S Giovanazzi, G Kurizki, VM Akulin
Physical Review Letters 84 (25), 5687, 2000
Unified theory of dynamically suppressed qubit decoherence in thermal baths
AG Kofman, G Kurizki
Physical review letters 93 (13), 130406, 2004
Long-range interactions and entanglement of slow single-photon pulses
I Friedler, D Petrosyan, M Fleischhauer, G Kurizki
Physical Review A 72 (4), 043803, 2005
Generation and detection of nonclassical field states by conditional measurements following two-photon resonant interactions
BM Garraway, B Sherman, H Moya-Cessa, PL Knight, G Kurizki
Physical Review A 49 (1), 535, 1994
Phase-coherent control of photocurrent directionality in semiconductors
G Kurizki, M Shapiro, P Brumer
Physical Review B 39 (5), 3435, 1989
Thermodynamic control by frequent quantum measurements
N Erez, G Gordon, M Nest, G Kurizki
Nature 452 (7188), 724-727, 2008
Atomic homodyne detection of continuous-variable entangled twin-atom states
C Gross, H Strobel, E Nicklas, T Zibold, N Bar-Gill, G Kurizki, ...
Nature 480 (7376), 219-223, 2011
Optimal dynamical decoherence control of a qubit
G Gordon, G Kurizki, DA Lidar
Physical review letters 101 (1), 010403, 2008
Rotons in gaseous Bose-Einstein condensates irradiated by a laser
DHJ O’dell, S Giovanazzi, G Kurizki
Physical review letters 90 (11), 110402, 2003
Quantum Zeno effect on atomic excitation decay in resonators
AG Kofman, G Kurizki
Physical Review A 54 (5), R3750, 1996
Symmetric photon-photon coupling by atoms with Zeeman-split sublevels
D Petrosyan, G Kurizki
Physical Review A 65 (3), 033833, 2002
Reversible state transfer between superconducting qubits and atomic ensembles
D Petrosyan, G Bensky, G Kurizki, I Mazets, J Majer, J Schmiedmayer
Physical Review A 79 (4), 040304, 2009
Suppression of molecular interactions in periodic dielectric structures
G Kurizki, AZ Genack
Physical review letters 61 (19), 2269, 1988
Self-induced transparency in Bragg reflectors: gap solitons near absorption resonances
A Kozhekin, G Kurizki
Physical review letters 74 (25), 5020, 1995
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