José Lifante Cañavate
José Lifante Cañavate
PhD student, department of Physiology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.
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Citado por
In Vivo Spectral Distortions of Infrared Luminescent Nanothermometers Compromise Their Reliability
Y Shen, J Lifante, N Fernandez, D Jaque, E Ximendes
ACS nano 14 (4), 4122-4133, 2020
Ag2S Nanoheaters with Multiparameter Sensing for Reliable Thermal Feedback during In Vivo Tumor Therapy
Y Shen, HDA Santos, EC Ximendes, J Lifante, A Sanz‐Portilla, L Monge, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (49), 2002730, 2020
Perspectives for Ag 2 S NIR-II nanoparticles in biomedicine: from imaging to multifunctionality
Y Shen, J Lifante, E Ximendes, HDA Santos, D Ruiz, BH Juárez, ...
Nanoscale 11 (41), 19251-19264, 2019
Ultrafast photochemistry produces superbright short-wave infrared dots for low-dose in vivo imaging
HDA Santos, I Zabala Gutiérrez, Y Shen, J Lifante, E Ximendes, ...
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Infrared‐Emitting Multimodal Nanostructures for Controlled In Vivo Magnetic Hyperthermia
E Ximendes, R Marin, Y Shen, D Ruiz, D Gómez‐Cerezo, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (30), 2100077, 2021
Optimal response to dimethyl fumarate associates in MS with a shift from an inflammatory to a tolerogenic blood cell profile
S Medina, N Villarrubia, S Sainz de la Maza, J Lifante, L Costa-Frossard, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 24 (10), 1317-1327, 2018
Reliable and remote monitoring of absolute temperature during liver inflammation via luminescence‐lifetime‐based nanothermometry
Y Shen, J Lifante, I Zabala‐Gutierrez, M de la Fuente‐Fernández, ...
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The role of tissue fluorescence in in vivo optical bioimaging
J Lifante, Y Shen, E Ximendes, E Martín Rodríguez, DH Ortgies
Journal of Applied Physics 128 (17), 2020
Instantaneous In Vivo Imaging of Acute Myocardial Infarct by NIR‐II Luminescent Nanodots
S Mateos, J Lifante, C Li, EC Ximendes, T Muñoz‐Ortiz, J Yao, ...
Small 16 (29), 1907171, 2020
Plasmonic copper sulfide nanoparticles enable dark contrast in optical coherence tomography
R Marin, J Lifante, LV Besteiro, Z Wang, AO Govorov, F Rivero, F Alfonso, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (5), 1901627, 2020
10-Fold Quantum Yield Improvement of Ag2S Nanoparticles by Fine Compositional Tuning
A Ortega-Rodríguez, Y Shen, I Zabala Gutierrez, HDA Santos, ...
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Biological studies of an ICG-tagged aptamer as drug delivery system for malignant melanoma
J Lopes-Nunes, J Lifante, Y Shen, EC Ximendes, D Jaque, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 154, 228-235, 2020
Autofluorescence-Free In Vivo Imaging Using Polymer-Stabilized Nd3+-Doped YAG Nanocrystals
A Cantarano, J Yao, M Matulionyte, J Lifante, A Benayas, DH Ortgies, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (46), 51273-51284, 2020
Reaching Deeper: Absolute In Vivo Thermal Reading of Liver by Combining Superbright Ag2S Nanothermometers and In Silico Simulations
J Lifante, Y Shen, I Zabala Gutierrez, I Rubia‐Rodríguez, D Ortega, ...
Advanced Science 8 (9), 2003838, 2021
The near‐infrared autofluorescence fingerprint of the brain
J Lifante, B Del Rosal, I Chaves‐Coira, N Fernandez, D Jaque, ...
Journal of Biophotonics 13 (11), e202000154, 2020
In Vivo Near‐Infrared Imaging Using Ternary Selenide Semiconductor Nanoparticles with an Uncommon Crystal Structure
J Yao, J Lifante, P Rodríguez‐Sevilla, M de la Fuente‐Fernández, ...
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R Marin, A Benayas, N García‐Carillo, J Lifante, J Yao, ...
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J Yao, G López-Peña, J Lifante, MC Iglesias-de la Cruz, R Marin, ...
Optical Materials: X 17, 100225, 2023
Optomagnetic nanofluids for controlled brain hyperthermia: a critical study
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3D Optical Coherence Thermometry Using Polymeric Nanogels
T Muñoz‐Ortiz, I Alayeto, J Lifante, DH Ortgies, R Marin, ...
Advanced Materials 35 (33), 2301819, 2023
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