Luís Gustavo Dias
Luís Gustavo Dias
Chemistry Dept - FFCLRP - USP
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Modulation of methylene blue photochemical properties based on adsorption at aqueous micelle interfaces
HC Junqueira, D Severino, LG Dias, MS Gugliotti, MS Baptista
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A mixed culture of endophytic fungi increases production of antifungal polyketides
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Effect of urea on biomimetic systems: neither water 3-D structure rupture nor direct mechanism, simply a more “polar water”
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Parallel damage in mitochondria and lysosomes is an efficient way to photoinduce cell death
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Developing electrodes chemically modified with cucurbit [6] uril to detect 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) by voltammetry
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A Computational Study of Substituted Flavylium Salts and their Quinonoidal Conjugate-Bases: S0 -> S1 electronic transition, absolute pKa and reduction potential calculations by …
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Effect of Counterions on the Shape, Hydration, and Degree of Order at the Interface of Cationic Micelles: The Triflate Case
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Analysis of the bromide ion distribution in the water pool of reverse micelles of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide in chloroform/n-dodecane and isooctane/n-hexanol by …
IM Cuccovia, LG Dias, FA Maximiano, H Chaimovich
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Calculation of the dipole moment for polypeptides using the generalized born-electronegativity equalization method: Results in vacuum and continuum-dielectric solvent
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Hydrolysis of 1, 8-and 2, 3-naphthalic anhydrides and the mechanism of cyclization of 1, 8-naphthalic acid in aqueous solutions
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Electrostatics analysis of the mutational and pH effects of the N-terminal domain self-association of the major ampullate spidroin
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Development of constant-pH simulation methods in implicit solvent and applications in biomolecular systems
FL Barroso daSilva, LG Dias
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Labaditin, a cyclic peptide with rich biotechnological potential: preliminary toxicological studies and structural changes in water and lipid membrane environment
SC Barbosa, EM Cilli, LG Dias, RG Stabeli, P Ciancaglini
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1-(2-Quinolyl)-2-naphthol: A new intra-intermolecular photoacid–photobase molecule
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Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 194 (1), 37-48, 2008
Chemical identification in the Cu3Au (100) surface using scanning tunneling microscopy and first-principles calculations
LG Dias, AA Leitao, CA Achete, RP Blum, H Niehus, RB Capaz
Surface Science 601 (23), 5540-5545, 2007
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