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Spectroscopic properties of a new light-converting device Eu (thenoyltrifluoroacetonate) 3 2 (dibenzyl sulfoxide). A theoretical analysis based on structural data obtained from …
OL Malta, HF Brito, JFS Menezes, FRG e Silva, S Alves Jr, FS Farias Jr, ...
Journal of luminescence 75 (3), 255-268, 1997
Luminescence and energy transfer of the europium (III) tungstate obtained via the Pechini method
CA Kodaira, HF Brito, OL Malta, OA Serra
Journal of Luminescence 101 (1-2), 11-21, 2003
Full‐Color Phosphors from Europium(III)‐Based Organosilicates
LD Carlos, Y Messaddeq, HF Brito, RA Sá Ferreira, V de Zea Bermudez, ...
Advanced Materials 12 (8), 594-598, 2000
Luminescence investigation of Eu3+ ion in the RE2 (WO4) 3 matrix (RE= La and Gd) produced using the Pechini method
CA Kodaira, HF Brito, MCFC Felinto
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 171 (1-2), 401-407, 2003
Experimental and theoretical emission quantum yield in the compound Eu (thenoyltrifluoroacetonate) 3.2 (dibenzyl sulfoxide)
OL Malta, HF Brito, JFS Menezes, FRG e Silva, C de Mello Donegá, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 282 (3-4), 233-238, 1998
Influence of the N-[methylpyridyl]acetamide ligands on the photoluminescent properties of Eu(III)-perchlorate complexes
EES Teotonio, JGP Espı́nola, HF Brito, OL Malta, SF Oliveira, ...
Polyhedron 21 (18), 1837-1844, 2002
Intermolecular energy transfer and photostability of luminescence-tuneable multicolour PMMA films doped with lanthanide–β-diketonate complexes
J Kai, MCFC Felinto, LAO Nunes, OL Malta, HF Brito
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (11), 3796-3802, 2011
Persistent luminescence mechanisms: human imagination at work
HF Brito, J Hölsä, T Laamanen, M Lastusaari, M Malkamäki, ...
Optical materials express 2 (4), 371-381, 2012
Luminescence investigation of the Sm (III)-β-diketonates with sulfoxides, phosphine oxides and amides ligands
HF Brito, OL Malta, MCFC Felinto, EES Teotonio, JFS Menezes, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 344 (1-2), 293-297, 2002
Photoluminescence of europium (III) dithiocarbamate complexes: electronic structure, charge transfer and energy transfer
WM Faustino, OL Malta, EES Teotonio, HF Brito, AM Simas, GF de Sá
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (7), 2510-2516, 2006
Synthesis and spectroscopic behavior of highly luminescent Eu3+–dibenzoylmethanate (DBM) complexes with sulfoxide ligands
E Niyama, HF Brito, M Cremona, EES Teotonio, R Reyes, GES Brito, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 61 (11 …, 2005
Enhancement of the luminescent intensity of the novel system containing Eu3+‐β‐diketonate complex doped in the epoxy resin
DF Parra, HF Brito, JDR Matos, LC Dias
Journal of applied polymer science 83 (12), 2716-2726, 2002
Discovery of the Persistent Luminescence Mechanism of CdSiO3:Tb3+
LCV Rodrigues, HF Brito, J Hölsä, R Stefani, MCFC Felinto, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (20), 11232-11240, 2012
Luminescent properties of diketonates of trivalent europium with dimethyl sulfoxide
HF Brito, OL Malta, JFS Menezes
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 303, 336-339, 2000
Polymer matrix sensitizing effect on photoluminescence properties of Eu 3+-β-diketonate complex doped into poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) in film form
J Kai, DF Parra, HF Brito
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (38), 4549-4554, 2008
Voltage color tunable OLED with (Sm, Eu)-β-diketonate complex blend
R Reyes, M Cremona, EES Teotonio, HF Brito, OL Malta
Chemical physics letters 396 (1-3), 54-58, 2004
Evaluation of intramolecular energy transfer process in the lanthanide (III) bis-and tris-(TTA) complexes: Photoluminescent and triboluminescent behavior
EES Teotonio, GM Fett, HF Brito, WM Faustino, GF de Sá, MCFC Felinto, ...
Journal of Luminescence 128 (2), 190-198, 2008
Optical investigation of Y2O3: Sm3+ nanophosphor prepared by combustion and Pechini methods
CA Kodaira, R Stefani, AS Maia, M Felinto, HF Brito
Journal of Luminescence 127 (2), 616-622, 2007
Synthesis, crystalline structure and photoluminescence investigations of the new trivalent rare earth complexes (Sm3+, Eu3+ and Tb3+) containing 2-thiophenecarboxylate as …
EES Teotonio, MCFC Felinto, HF Brito, OL Malta, AC Trindade, R Najjar, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 357 (2), 451-460, 2004
Optical properties of red, green and blue emitting rare earth benzenetricarboxylate compounds
ER Souza, IGN Silva, EES Teotonio, MCFC Felinto, HF Brito
Journal of Luminescence 130 (2), 283-291, 2010
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