Klaus Krambrock
Klaus Krambrock
Professor Associado do Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
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Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Spectroscopic Characterization of trans-Bis [(μ-1, 3-bis (4-pyridyl) propane)(μ-(3-thiopheneacetate-O))(3-thiopheneacetate-O)] dicopper (II …
MV Marinho, MI Yoshida, KJ Guedes, K Krambrock, AJ Bortoluzzi, ...
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Nanostructured δ-FeOOH: an efficient Fenton-like catalyst for the oxidation of organics in water
ISX Pinto, PHVV Pacheco, JV Coelho, E Lorençon, JD Ardisson, ...
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A new appraisal of Sri Lankan BB zircon as a reference material for LA‐ICP‐MS U‐Pb geochronology and Lu‐Hf isotope tracing
MM Santos, C Lana, R Scholz, I Buick, MD Schmitz, SL Kamo, A Gerdes, ...
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E Lorencon, DCB Alves, K Krambrock, ES Avila, RR Resende, ...
Fuel 132, 53-61, 2014
Synthesis of C60 (OH) 18-20 in aqueous alkaline solution under O2-atmosphere
GC Alves, LO Ladeira, A Righi, K Krambrock, HD Calado, RPF Gil, ...
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Identification of the isolated arsenic antisite defect in electron-irradiated gallium arsenide and its relation to the EL2 defect
K Krambrock, JM Spaeth, C Delerue, G Allan, M Lannoo
Physical Review B 45 (3), 1481, 1992
The reduction of oxidative stress by nanocomposite Fullerol decreases mucositis severity and reverts leukopenia induced by Irinotecan
RDN Arifa, TP de Paula, MFM Madeira, RL Lima, ZM Garcia, V Pinho, ...
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Synthesis, characterisation and biological aspects of copper (II) dithiocarbamate complexes,[Cu {S2CNR (CH2CH2OH)} 2],(R= Me, Et, Pr and CH2CH2OH)
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Investigation of radiation-induced yellow color in tourmaline by magnetic resonance
K Krambrock, MVB Pinheiro, SM Medeiros, KJ Guedes, S Schweizer, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2002
Structural and photophysical properties of peptide micro/nanotubes functionalized with hypericin
MI Souza, YM Jaques, GP de Andrade, AO Ribeiro, ER da Silva, EE Fileti, ...
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Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2007
Correlation of irradiation-induced yellow color with the O− hole center in tourmaline
K Krambrock, MVB Pinheiro, KJ Guedes, SM Medeiros, S Schweizer, ...
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OH/F substitution in topaz studied by Raman spectroscopy
MVB Pinheiro, C Fantini, K Krambrock, AIC Persiano, MSS Dantas, ...
Physical Review B 65 (10), 104301, 2002
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