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Pollinator specificity and convergence in fly-pollinated Pleurothallis (Orchidaceae) species: a multiple population approach
EL Borba, J Semir
Annals of Botany 88 (1), 75-88, 2001
Self-incompatibility, Inbreeding Depression and Crossing Potential in Five BrazilianPleurothallis (Orchidaceae) Species
EL Borba, J Semir, GJ Shepherd
Annals of Botany 88 (1), 89-99, 2001
Fly‐pollinated Pleurothallis (Orchidaceae) species have high genetic variability: evidence from isozyme markers
EL Borba, JM Felix, VN Solferini, J Semir
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Lip Anatomy and its Implications for the Pollination Mechanisms of Bulbophyllum Species (Orchidaceae)
SDP Teixeira, EL Borba, J Semir
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Floral and Vegetative Morphometrics of Five Pleurothallis (Orchidaceae) Species: Correlation with Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Genetic Variability and Pollination Systems
EL Borba, GJ Shepherd, CVANDEN BERG, J Semir
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Morphological and histological characterization of the osmophores and nectaries of four species of Acianthera (Orchidaceae: Pleurothallidinae)
MC de Melo, EL Borba, EAS Paiva
Plant Systematics and Evolution 286, 141-151, 2010
Wind-assisted fly pollination in three Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) species occurring in the Brazilian campos rupestres.
EL Borba, J Semir
Anatomy of Brazilian Eriocaulaceae: correlation with taxonomy and habitat using multivariate analyses
VL Scatena, AM Giulietti, EL Borba, C Berg
Plant systematics and evolution 253, 1-22, 2005
Temporal variation in pollinarium size after its removal in species of Bulbophyllum: a different mechanism preventing self-pollination in Orchidaceae
EL Borba, J Semir
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A simple solid injection device for the analyses of Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) volatiles
UF da Silva, EL Borba, J Semir, AJ Marsaioli
Phytochemistry 50 (1), 31-34, 1999
Allozyme Diversity and Morphometrics of Melocactus paucispinus (Cactaceae) and Evidence for Hybridization with M. concinnus in the Chapada Diamantina …
SM Lambert, EL Borba, MC Machado, SÓNCDS Andrade
Annals of Botany 97 (3), 389-403, 2006
Genetic and morphological variation in the Bulbophyllum exaltatum (Orchidaceae) complex occurring in the Brazilian “campos rupestres”: implications for taxonomy …
PL Ribeiro, EL Borba, E de Camargo Smidt, SM Lambert, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 270, 109-137, 2008
Reproductive biology of two Cattleya (Orchidaceae) species endemic to north‐eastern Brazil
Plant Species Biology 21 (2), 85-91, 2006
Pollination in Brazilian Syngonanthus (Eriocaulaceae) Species: Evidence for Entomophily Instead of Anemophily
COC Ramos, EL Borba, LS Funch
Annals of botany 96 (3), 387-397, 2005
Self-incompatibility and myophily in Octomeria (Orchidaceae, Pleurothallidinae) species
AR Barbosa, MC de Melo, EL Borba
Plant Systematics and Evolution 283, 1-8, 2009
Post-zygotic Reproductive Isolation Between Sympatric Taxa in the Chamaecrista desvauxii Complex (Leguminosae–Caesalpinioideae)
CBN Costa, SM Lambert, EL Borba, LP De Queiroz
Annals of Botany 99 (4), 625-635, 2007
Genetic structure and variability of the endemic and vulnerable Vellozia gigantea (Velloziaceae) associated with the landscape in the Espinhaço Range, in …
JM Lousada, EL Borba, KT Ribeiro, LC Ribeiro, MB Lovato
Genetica 139, 431-440, 2011
Allozyme diversity and morphometrics of the endangered Melocactus glaucescens (Cactaceae), and investigation of the putative hybrid origin of Melocactus× albicephalus …
SM Lambert, EL Borba, MC Machado
Plant Species Biology 21 (2), 93-108, 2006
Biologia reprodutiva de Melocactus glaucescens Buining & Brederoo e M. paucispinus G. Heimen & R. Paul (Cactaceae), na Chapada Diamantina, Nordeste do Brasil
MAS Colaço, R Fonseca, SM Lambert, CBN Costa, CG Machado, ...
Brazilian Journal of Botany 29, 239-249, 2006
Biologia reprodutiva de Pseudolaelia corcovadensis (Orchidaceae): melitofilia e autocompatibilidade em uma Laeliinae basal
EL Borba, PIS Braga
Brazilian Journal of Botany 26 (4), 541-549, 2003
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