Lee Dyer
Lee Dyer
Professor of Biology, University of Nevada Reno
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Host specificity of Lepidoptera in tropical and temperate forests
LA Dyer, MS Singer, JT Lill, JO Stireman, GL Gentry, RJ Marquis, ...
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Climatic unpredictability and parasitism of caterpillars: implications of global warming
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SE Randolph, ADM Dobson
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LA Dyer
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LA Dyer, D Letourneau
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Experimental test in lowland tropical forest shows top‐down effects through four trophic levels
DK Letourneau, LA Dyer
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RJ Nevle, DK Bird
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LA Dyer, CD Dodson, J Beihoffer, DK Letourneau
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Piper: a model genus for studies of phytochemistry, ecology, and evolution
LA Dyer, ADN Palmer
Kluwer academic/Plenum publishers, 2004
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LE Dyer, DA Landis
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The importance of sequestered iridoid glycosides as a defense against an ant predator
LA Dyer, MD Bowers
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Cenocladamide, a dihydropyridone alkaloid from Piper cenocladum
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AM Smilanich, LA Dyer, GL Gentry
Ecology 90 (6), 1434-1440, 2009
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