Manoel Arcisio-Miranda
Manoel Arcisio-Miranda
Departamento de Biofísica - Universidade Federal de São Paulo
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Comparative effects of DHA and EPA on cell function
R Gorjão, AK Azevedo-Martins, HG Rodrigues, F Abdulkader, ...
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Study of the mechanism of action of anoplin, a helical antimicrobial decapeptide with ion channel‐like activity, and the role of the amidated C‐terminus
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Molecular determinants of coupling between the domain III voltage sensor and pore of a sodium channel
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Luminescent Ru (II) phenanthroline complexes as a probe for real-time imaging of Aβ self-aggregation and therapeutic applications in Alzheimer’s disease
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Effects of the cationic antimicrobial peptide eumenitin from the venom of solitary wasp Eumenes rubronotatus in planar lipid bilayers: surface charge and pore formation activity
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Whole genome and exome sequencing realignment supports the assignment of KCNJ12, KCNJ17, and KCNJ18 paralogous genes in thyrotoxic periodic paralysis locus: functional …
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Chewing over physiology integration
F Abdulkader, AK Azevedo-Martins, M de Arcisio Miranda, K Brunaldi
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