Fernando Queiroz Cunha
Fernando Queiroz Cunha
Professor de Farmacologia, FMRP, Universidade de São Paulo
E-mail confirmado em fmrp.usp.br
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Sleep apnoea as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease: current evidence, basic mechanisms and research priorities
WT McNicholas, MR Bonsignore, ...
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Nitric oxide is involved in control of Trypanosoma cruzi-induced parasitemia and directly kills the parasite in vitro.
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Regulation of chemokine receptor by Toll-like receptor 2 is critical to neutrophil migration and resistance to polymicrobial sepsis
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Trypanosoma cruzi–Infected Cardiomyocytes Produce Chemokines and Cytokines That Trigger Potent Nitric Oxide–Dependent Trypanocidal Activity
FS Machado, GA Martins, JCS Aliberti, FLAC Mestriner, FQ Cunha, ...
Circulation 102 (24), 3003-3008, 2000
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