Palanichamy Manikandan
Palanichamy Manikandan
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Influence of the support on the preferential oxidation of CO in hydrogen-rich steam reformates over the CuO–CeO2–ZrO2 system
P Ratnasamy, D Srinivas, CVV Satyanarayana, P Manikandan, ...
Journal of Catalysis 221 (2), 455-465, 2004
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P Manikandan, R Muthukumaran, KRJ Thomas, B Varghese, ...
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I Gromov, V Krymov, P Manikandan, D Arieli, D Goldfarb
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Immobilization of phosphotungstic acid (PTA) on imidazole functionalized silica: evidence for the nature of PTA binding by solid state NMR and reaction studies
LTA Sofia, A Krishnan, M Sankar, NK Kala Raj, P Manikandan, ...
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M Sankar, NH Tarte, P Manikandan
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Structure of copper (II)− histidine based complexes in frozen aqueous solutions as determined from high-field pulsed electron nuclear double resonance
P Manikandan, B Epel, D Goldfarb
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Heterogenized molybdovanadophosphoric acid on amine-functionalized SBA-15 for selective oxidation of alkenes
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35 GHz ENDOR Characterization of the “Very Rapid” Signal of Xanthine Oxidase Reacted with 2-Hydroxy-6-methylpurine (13C8):  Evidence against Direct Mo−C8 …
P Manikandan, EY Choi, R Hille, BM Hoffman
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (11), 2658-2663, 2001
Polymer supported vanadium and molybdenum complexes as potential catalysts for the oxidation and oxidative bromination of organic substrates
MR Maurya, U Kumar, P Manikandan
Dalton Transactions, 3561-3575, 2006
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic potentials of polymer anchored copper (II), oxovanadium (IV) and dioxomolybdenum (VI) complexes of 2-(α-hydroxymethyl) benzimidazole
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Elucidation of Structure and Location of V(IV) Ions in Heteropolyacid Catalysts H4PVMo11O40 as Studied by Hyperfine Sublevel Correlation Spectroscopy and …
A Pöppl, P Manikandan, K Köhler, P Maas, P Strauch, R Böttcher, ...
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M Sankar, CM Nair, K Murty, P Manikandan
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W-band ENDOR investigation of the manganese-binding site of concanavalin A: Determination of proton hyperfine couplings and their signs
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W-and X-Band Pulsed Electron Nuclear Double-Resonance Study of a Sodium− Nitric Oxide Adsorption Complex in NaA Zeolites
A Poeppl, T Rudolf, P Manikandan, D Goldfarb
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (41), 10194-10200, 2000
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