Alexandros A. Kitos
Alexandros A. Kitos
PostDoctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa
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Stark sublevel-based thermometry with Tb (III) and Dy (III) complexes cosensitized via the 2-amidinopyridine ligand
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Binding of ligands containing carbonyl and phenol groups to iron (iii): new Fe 6, Fe 10 and Fe 12 coordination clusters
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Enhancing Magnetic Communication between Metal Centres: The Role of s‐Tetrazine Based Radicals as Ligands
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Supramolecular features in the engineering of 3d metal complexes with phenyl-substituted imidazoles as ligands: the case of copper (II)
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New members of radical bridged Ln 2 metallocene single-molecule magnets based on the unsubstituted 1, 2, 4, 5-tetrazine ligand
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A systematic evaluation of the interplay of weak and strong supramolecular interactions in a series of Co (II) and Zn (II) complexes tuned by ligand modification
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2-hydroxybenzophenone-controlled self-assembly of enneanuclear lanthanide (III) hydroxo coordination clusters with an “hourglass”-like topology
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A square planar nickel (II) complex derived from a unique metal ion-promoted transformation of 2-benzoylpyridine
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A cationic fcu-lanthanide MOF enhances the uptake of iodine vapour at room temperature
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A trivalent 4f complex with two bis-silylamide ligands displaying slow magnetic relaxation
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A chelate like no other: exploring the synthesis, coordination chemistry and applications of imidoyl amidine frameworks
AA Kitos, N Mavragani, M Murugesu, JL Brusso
Materials Advances 1 (8), 2688-2706, 2020
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