Paulo José Pereira Lima Teixeira
Paulo José Pereira Lima Teixeira
Assistant Professor, Universidade de São Paulo
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Root microbiota drive direct integration of phosphate stress and immunity
G Castrillo, PJPL Teixeira, SH Paredes, TF Law, L De Lorenzo, ...
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A single bacterial genus maintains root growth in a complex microbiome
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Design of synthetic bacterial communities for predictable plant phenotypes
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High-Resolution Transcript Profiling of the Atypical Biotrophic Interaction between Theobroma cacao and the Fungal Pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa
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Pseudomonas syringae type III effector HopBB1 promotes host transcriptional repressor degradation to regulate phytohormone responses and virulence
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Genome and secretome analysis of the hemibiotrophic fungal pathogen, Moniliophthora roreri, which causes frosty pod rot disease of cacao: mechanisms of the …
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The genome sequence of Propionibacterium acidipropionici provides insights into its biotechnological and industrial potential
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Root-exuded coumarin shapes the root microbiome
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (22), 5629-5631, 2018
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