Pablo Ricardo Arantes
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Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics: Principles and applications
J Wang, PR Arantes, A Bhattarai, RV Hsu, S Pawnikar, YM Huang, ...
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Natural plant alkaloid (emetine) inhibits HIV-1 replication by interfering with reverse transcriptase activity
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Fighting COVID-19 using molecular dynamics simulations
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Making it rain: cloud-based molecular simulations for everyone
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M Rossetti, R Merlo, N Bagheri, D Moscone, A Valenti, A Saha, ...
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Electrospun PVA-Dacarbazine nanofibers as a novel nano brain-implant for treatment of glioblastoma: in silico and in vitro characterization
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Principles of target DNA cleavage and the role of Mg2+ in the catalysis of CRISPR–Cas9
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Emerging methods and applications to decrypt allostery in proteins and nucleic acids
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Dynamics and mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas9 through the lens of computational methods
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In silico Investigation of the PglB Active Site Reveals Transient Catalytic States and Octahedral Metal Ion Coordination
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mM; Palermo, G.; Miao, Y. Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics: Principles and applications
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Structural basis for reduced dynamics of three engineered HNH endonuclease Lys-to-Ala mutants for the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR …
J Wang, E Skeens, PR Arantes, F Maschietto, B Allen, GW Kyro, GP Lisi, ...
Biochemistry 61 (9), 785-794, 2022
Development of GROMOS-compatible parameter set for simulations of chalcones and flavonoids
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Structural and dynamic insights into the HNH nuclease of divergent Cas9 species
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Machines on genes through the computational microscope
S Sinha, C Pindi, M Ahsan, PR Arantes, G Palermo
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GPU-enhanced DFTB metadynamics for efficiently predicting free energies of biochemical systems
A Kumar, PR Arantes, A Saha, G Palermo, BM Wong
Molecules 28 (3), 1277, 2023
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