Andre C. Morandini
Andre C. Morandini
Departamento de Zoologia, CEBIMar, Universidade de Sao Paulo
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Checklist of the cnidaria medusozoa of Brazil
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Gene duplications are extensive and contribute significantly to the toxic proteome of nematocysts isolated from Acropora digitifera (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Scleractinia)
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Food web characterization based on δ15N and δ13C reveals isotopic niche partitioning between fish and jellyfish in a relatively pristine ecosystem
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Naming the Bonaire banded box jelly, Tamoya ohboya, n. sp.(Cnidaria: Cubozoa: Carybdeida: Tamoyidae)
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Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 46, 641-644, 2013
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