David W. Kastner
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MYC drives temporal evolution of small cell lung cancer subtypes by reprogramming neuroendocrine fate
AS Ireland, AM Micinski, DW Kastner, B Guo, SJ Wait, KB Spainhower, ...
Cancer cell 38 (1), 60-78. e12, 2020
Engineering of serine protease for improved thermostability and catalytic activity using rational design
NM Ashraf, A Krishnagopal, A Hussain, D Kastner, AMM Sayed, YK Mok, ...
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MOFSimplify, machine learning models with extracted stability data of three thousand metal–organic frameworks
A Nandy, G Terrones, N Arunachalam, C Duan, DW Kastner, HJ Kulik
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ASCL1 represses a SOX9+ neural crest stem-like state in small cell lung cancer
RR Olsen, AS Ireland, DW Kastner, SM Groves, KB Spainhower, K Pozo, ...
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Humanin induces conformational changes in the apoptosis regulator BAX and sequesters it into fibers, preventing mitochondrial outer-membrane permeabilization
DL Morris, DW Kastner, S Johnson, MP Strub, Y He, CKE Bleck, DY Lee, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (50), 19055-19065, 2019
Using Computational Chemistry To Reveal Nature’s Blueprints for Single-Site Catalysis of C–H Activation
A Nandy, H Adamji, DW Kastner, V Vennelakanti, A Nazemi, M Liu, ...
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Impact of Dehydroamino Acids on the Structure and Stability of Incipient 310-Helical Peptides
D Joaquin, MA Lee, DW Kastner, J Singh, ST Morrill, G Damstedt, ...
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Bulky dehydroamino acids enhance proteolytic stability and folding in β-hairpin peptides
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Mechanistic insights into substrate positioning that distinguish non-heme Fe (II)/α-ketoglutarate-dependent halogenases and hydroxylases
DW Kastner, A Nandy, R Mehmood, HJ Kulik
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Influence of the greater protein environment on the electrostatic potential in metalloenzyme active sites: the case of formate dehydrogenase
A Nazemi, AH Steeves, DW Kastner, HJ Kulik
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 126 (22), 4069-4079, 2022
Probing the mechanism of isonitrile formation by a non-heme iron (II)-dependent oxidase/decarboxylase
A Del Rio Flores, DW Kastner, Y Du, M Narayanamoorthy, Y Shen, W Cai, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (13), 5893-5901, 2022
Potential involvement of mi-RNA 574-3p in progression of prostate cancer: A bioinformatic study
NM Ashraf, K Imran, DW Kastner, K Ikram, A Mushtaq, A Hussain, ...
Molecular and cellular probes 36, 21-28, 2017
Emergence of a proton exchange-based isomerization and lactonization mechanism in the plant coumarin synthase COSY
CY Kim, AJ Mitchell, DW Kastner, CE Albright, MA Gutierrez, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 597, 2023
Active Learning Exploration of Transition-Metal Complexes to Discover Method-Insensitive and Synthetically Accessible Chromophores
C Duan, A Nandy, GG Terrones, DW Kastner, HJ Kulik
JACS Au 3 (2), 391-401, 2022
Synthesis and evaluation of potent yaku'amide A analogs
CCL Lo, D Joaquin, DA Moyá, A Ramos, DW Kastner, SM White, ...
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Protein3D: Enabling analysis and extraction of metal‐containing sites from the Protein Data Bank with molSimplify
F Edholm, A Nandy, CR Reinhardt, DW Kastner, HJ Kulik
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ASCL1 represses a latent osteogenic program in small cell lung Cancer in multiple cells of origin
RR Olsen, DW Kastner, AS Ireland, SM Groves, K Pozo, CP Whitney, ...
bioRxiv, 2020.11. 11.362632, 2020
IA21 ASCL1 represses a latent osteogenic program in small-cell lung cancer arising from multiple cells of origin
RR Olsen, DW Kastner, AS Ireland, K Pozo, CP Whitney, MR Guthrie, ...
Journal of Thoracic Oncology 15 (2), S7, 2020
Dynamic Charge Distribution as a Key Driver of Catalytic Reactivity in an Artificial Metalloenzyme
D Kastner, C Reinhardt, H Adamji, M Manetsch, Y Román-Leshkov, ...
Structure and Dynamics Perspectives on Enzyme Function Probing the mechanism of isonitrile formation by a non-heme iron (II)-dependent oxidase/decarboxylase
ADR Flores, D Kastner, W Zhang
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