Maren Lepple
Maren Lepple
PostDoc, Prinicpal Investigator, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut
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Effect of yttria content on the zirconia unit cell parameters
JA Krogstad, M Lepple, Y Gao, DM Lipkin, CG Levi
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 94 (12), 4548-4555, 2011
Opportunities for improved TBC durability in the CeO2–TiO2–ZrO2 system
JA Krogstad, M Lepple, CG Levi
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M Lepple, R Adam, DM Cupid, P Franke, T Bergfeldt, D Wadewitz, ...
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Synthesis, structure and electrical conductivity of a new perovskite type barium cobaltate BaCoO 1.80 (OH) 0.86
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Dalton Transactions 47 (32), 11136-11145, 2018
Sol–gel based synthesis and enhanced processability of MAX phase Cr 2 GaC
JP Siebert, L Bischoff, M Lepple, A Zintler, L Molina-Luna, U Wiedwald, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (20), 6034-6040, 2019
Heat Capacities of LiCu2O2 and CuO in the Temperature Range 323-773 K and Cu2O in the Temperature Range 973-1273 K
M Lepple, DM Cupid, P Franke, HJ Seifert
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Coexistence of conversion and intercalation mechanisms in lithium ion batteries: Consequences for microstructure and interaction between the active material and electrolyte
R Adam, M Lepple, NA Mayer, DM Cupid, Y Qian, P Niehoff, ...
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Synthesis of bifunctional BaFe 1− x Co x O 3− y− δ (OH) y catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction and oxygen evolution reaction
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Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (2), 616-625, 2020
Enthalpies of formation of the solid solutions of ZrxY0.5−x/2Ta0.5−x/2O2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.2 and 0.65 ≤ x ≤ 1)
M Lepple, K Lilova, CG Levi, A Navrotsky
Journal of Materials Research 34 (19), 3343-3350, 2019
BaCoO 2+ δ: a new highly oxygen deficient perovskite-related phase with unusual Co coordination obtained by high temperature reaction with short reaction times
AI Waidha, H Zhang, M Lepple, S Dasgupta, L Alff, P Slater, AD Fortes, ...
Chemical Communications 55 (20), 2920-2923, 2019
Thermochemical stability of Li–Cu–O ternary compounds stable at room temperature analyzed by experimental and theoretical methods
M Lepple, J Rohrer, R Adam, DM Cupid, D Rafaja, K Albe, HJ Seifert
International Journal of Materials Research 108 (11), 959-970, 2017
Thermochemistry and phase stability of the polymorphs of yttrium tantalate, YTaO4
M Lepple, SV Ushakov, K Lilova, CA Macauley, AN Fernandez, CG Levi, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 41 (2), 1629-1638, 2021
Synthesis of bifunctional BaFe₁₋ ₓCoₓO₃₋ y₋ δ (OH) y catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction and oxygen evolution reaction
AI Waidha, L Ni, J Ali, M Lepple, M Donzelli, S Dasgupta, S Wollstadt, ...
Thermodynamic Investigation of Cobalt-Oxide Based Material Systems for Lithium Ion Batteries
NA Mayer, P Gotcu-Freis, TL Reichmann, M Lepple, DM Cupid, HJ Seifert
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[O15] Thermodynamic modeling and experimental investigations of materials systems for lithium-ion batteries
M Lepple, DM Cupid, P Franke, HJ Seifert
Calphad 100 (51), 349-350, 2015
Pseudo-Ternary Phase Diagrams of Zirconia-based Ceramics
M Lepple
Verlag nicht ermittelbar, 2011
Kupfer-und Eisenoxide als Konversions-Elektrodenmaterialien für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien: Thermodynamische und Elektrochemische Untersuchungen
M Lepple
Dissertation, Karlsruhe, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), 2015, 0
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