Ahin Roy
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Covalently interconnected transition metal dichalcogenide networks via defect engineering for high-performance electronic devices
S Ippolito, AG Kelly, RF Oliveira, MA Stoeckel, D Iglesias, A Roy, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 16, 592-598, 2021
Charge transport mechanisms in inkjet-printed thin-film transistors based on two-dimensional materials
E Piatti, A Arbab, F Galanti, T Carey, L Anzi, D Spurling, A Roy, ...
Nature Electronics 4, 893-905, 2021
Production of Quasi-2D Platelets of Non-Layered Iron Pyrite (FeS2) by Liquid-Phase Exfoliation for High Performance Battery Electrodes
H Kaur, R Tian, A Roy, M McCrystall, DV Horváth, GL Onrubia, R Smith, ...
ACS Nano 14 (10), 13418–13432, 2020
Synthesis of Hollow Nanotubes of Zn2SiO4 or SiO2: Mechanistic Understanding and Uranium Adsorption Behavior
S Tripathi, R Bose, A Roy, S Nair, N Ravishankar
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Demonstrating the Source of Inherent Instability in NiFe LDH-Based OER Electrocatalysts
D Tyndall, MJ Craig, L Gannon, C McGuinness, N McEvoy, A Roy, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11, 4067-4077, 2023
Insights into Nucleation, Growth and Phase Selection of WO3: Morphology control and Electrochromic Property
K Ghosh*, A Roy*, S Tripathi, S Ghule, AK Singh, N Ravishankar
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Wrinkling of atomic planes in ultrathin Au nanowires
A Roy, S Kundu, K Müller, A Rosenauer, S Singh, P Pant, MP Gururajan, ...
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Fluorophosphates as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Metal-air Batteries
L Sharma, R Gond, B Senthilkumar, A Roy, P Barpanda
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Phase & Morphology Engineered Surface Reducibility of MnO2 Nano-heterostructures: Implications on Catalytic Activity towards CO Oxidation
N Jain, A Roy
Materials Research Bulletin 121, 110615, 2020
Morphology Controlled Synthesis of Low Bandgap SnSe2 with High Photodetectivity
RK Rai, S Islam, A Roy, G Agrawal, AK Singh, A Ghosh, N Ravishankar
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Single crystalline ultrathin gold nanowires: Promising nanoscale interconnects
A Roy, T Pandey, N Ravishankar, AK Singh
AIP Advances 3 (3), 2013
Ultra-high sensitivity infra-red detection and temperature effects in a graphene–tellurium nanowire binary hybrid
A Pradhan, A Roy, S Tripathi, A Som, D Sarkar, JK Mishra, K Roy, ...
Nanoscale 9, 9284-9290, 2017
Semiconductor-like sensitivity in metallic ultrathin gold nanowire-based sensors
A Roy, T Pandey, N Ravishankar, AK Singh
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (32), 18676-18682, 2014
Liquid Processing of Interfacially Grown Iron-Oxide Flowers into 2D-Platelets Yields Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes with Capacities of Twice the Theoretical Value
B Konkena, H Kaur, R Tian, C Gabbett, M McCrystall, DV Horvath, ...
Small 18, 2203918, 2022
Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Nonlayered Non-van der Waals Iron Trifluoride (FeF3) into 2D-Platelets for High-Capacity Lithium Storing Cathodes
T Chen, H Kaur, M McCrystall, R Tian, A Roy, R Smith, DV Horvath, ...
FlatChem 33, 100360, 2022
One-Step Grown Carbonaceous Germanium Nanowires and Their Application as Highly Efficient Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
A Garcia, S Biswas, D McNulty, A Roy, S Raha, S Trabesinger, V Nicolosi, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 (2), 1922-1932, 2022
Reduced SrTiO3-Supported Pt-Cu Alloy Nanoparticles for Preferential Oxidation of CO in Excess Hydrogen
N Jain, A Roy, S Nair
Nanoscale 11, 22423 - 22431, 2019
Scalable faceted voids with luminescence enhanced edges in WS2 monolayers
P Kumar, D Chatterjee, T Maeda, A Roy, K Kaneko, B Viswanath
Nanoscale 10, 16321-16331, 2018
Removal of U(VI) from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Synthesized Silica and Zinc Silicate Nanotubes: Equilibrium and Kinetic Aspects with Application to Real Samples
S Tripathi, A Roy, S Nair, S Durani, R Bose
Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management 10, 127-139, 2018
Postsynthetic treatment of nickel–iron layered double hydroxides for the optimum catalysis of the oxygen evolution reaction
D Tyndall, S Jaskaniec, B Shortall, A Roy, L Gannon, K O’Neill, ...
npj 2D Materials and Applications 5, Article number: 73, 2021
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