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Hellmut Eckert
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Li6PS5X: A Class of Crystalline Li‐Rich Solids With an Unusually High Li+ Mobility
HJ Deiseroth, ST Kong, H Eckert, J Vannahme, C Reiner, T Zaiß, ...
Angewandte Chemie 120 (4), 767-770, 2008
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N Herron, Y Wang, H Eckert
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H Eckert, IE Wachs
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H Eckert
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H Eckert, JP Yesinowski, LA Silver, EM Stolper
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Bonding states of surface vanadium (V) oxide phases on silica: structural characterization by vanadium-51 NMR and Raman spectroscopy
N Das, H Eckert, H Hu, IE Wachs, JF Walzer, FJ Feher
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Hydrogen environments in calcium phosphates: proton MAS NMR at high spinning speeds
JP Yesinowski, H Eckert
Journal of the American Chemical Society 109 (21), 6274-6282, 1987
Pseudotetrahedral O3/2VO Centers Immobilized on the Walls of a Mesoporous, Cubic MCM-48 Support:  Preparation, Characterization, and Reactivity toward Water As …
M Morey, A Davidson, H Eckert, G Stucky
Chemistry of materials 8 (2), 486-492, 1996
A calcium hydroxyapatite precipitated from an aqueous solution: an international multimethod analysis
J Arends, J Christoffersen, MR Christoffersen, H Eckert, BO Fowler, ...
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M Bertmer, H Eckert
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JP Yesinowski, H Eckert, GR Rossman
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Reactions of phosphorus/boron frustrated Lewis pairs with SO 2
M Sajid, A Klose, B Birkmann, L Liang, B Schirmer, T Wiegand, H Eckert, ...
Chemical Science 4 (1), 213-219, 2013
New Lithium Chalcogenidotetrelates, LiChT: Synthesis and Characterization of the Li+-Conducting Tetralithium ortho-Sulfidostannate Li4SnS4
T Kaib, S Haddadpour, M Kapitein, P Bron, C Schröder, H Eckert, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (11), 2211-2219, 2012
Dipolar coupling information in multispin systems: application of a compensated REDOR NMR approach to inorganic phosphates
JCC Chan, H Eckert
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Site Connectivities in Amorphous Materials Studied by Double-Resonance NMR of Quadrupolar Nuclei:  High-Resolution 11B ↔ 27Al Spectroscopy of …
JCC Chan, M Bertmer, H Eckert
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Physical and chemical characterization of surface vanadium oxide supported on titania: influence of the titania phase (anatase, rutile, brookite and B)
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Phosphorus nanorods-two novel allotropic modifications of a long known element
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Structure/Property Correlations in Ion-Conducting Mixed-Network Former Glasses:  Solid-State NMR Studies of the System Na2O−B2O3−P2O5
D Zielniok, C Cramer, H Eckert
Chemistry of materials 19 (13), 3162-3170, 2007
Biosynthesis of novel thermoplastic polythioesters by engineered Escherichia coli
T Lütke-Eversloh, A Fischer, U Remminghorst, J Kawada, ...
Nature materials 1 (4), 236-240, 2002
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