Hui Zhang
Hui Zhang
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Reconfigurable 3D plasmonic metamolecules
A Kuzyk, R Schreiber, H Zhang, AO Govorov, T Liedl, N Liu
Nature materials 13 (9), 862-866, 2014
Theory of photoinjection of hot plasmonic carriers from metal nanostructures into semiconductors and surface molecules
AO Govorov, H Zhang, YK Gun’ko
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Photogeneration of hot plasmonic electrons with metal nanocrystals: Quantum description and potential applications
AO Govorov, H Zhang, HV Demir, YK Gun’ko
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Picosecond energy transfer and multiexciton transfer outpaces Auger recombination in binary CdSe nanoplatelet solids
CE Rowland, I Fedin, H Zhang, SK Gray, AO Govorov, DV Talapin, ...
Nature materials 14 (5), 484-489, 2015
Shedding light on vacancy-doped copper chalcogenides: shape-controlled synthesis, optical properties, and modeling of copper telluride nanocrystals with near-infrared plasmon …
I Kriegel, J Rodriguez-Fernandez, A Wisnet, H Zhang, C Waurisch, ...
ACS nano 7 (5), 4367-4377, 2013
Optical generation of hot plasmonic carriers in metal nanocrystals: the effects of shape and field enhancement
H Zhang, AO Govorov
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Discrete nanocubes as plasmonic reporters of molecular chirality
F Lu, Y Tian, M Liu, D Su, H Zhang, AO Govorov, O Gang
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Chiral magnetic metal–organic frameworks of MnII with achiral tetrazolate-based ligands by spontaneous resolution
XL Tong, TL Hu, JP Zhao, YK Wang, H Zhang, XH Bu
Chemical communications 46 (45), 8543-8545, 2010
From tunable core-shell nanoparticles to plasmonic drawbridges: Active control of nanoparticle optical properties
CP Byers, H Zhang, DF Swearer, M Yorulmaz, BS Hoener, D Huang, ...
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Giant circular dichroism of a molecule in a region of strong plasmon resonances between two neighboring gold nanocrystals
H Zhang, AO Govorov
Physical Review B 87 (7), 075410, 2013
A flexible integrated system containing a microsupercapacitor, a photodetector, and a wireless charging coil
Y Yue, Z Yang, N Liu, W Liu, H Zhang, Y Ma, C Yang, J Su, L Li, F Long, ...
ACS nano 10 (12), 11249-11257, 2016
CuxCo1−xO Nanoparticles on Graphene Oxide as A Synergistic Catalyst for High‐Efficiency Hydrolysis of Ammonia–Borane
K Feng, J Zhong, B Zhao, H Zhang, L Xu, X Sun, ST Lee
Angewandte Chemie 128 (39), 12129-12133, 2016
Chiral plasmonic nanostructures on achiral nanopillars
B Yeom, H Zhang, H Zhang, JI Park, K Kim, AO Govorov, NA Kotov
Nano letters 13 (11), 5277-5283, 2013
Coupling Ti-doping and oxygen vacancies in hematite nanostructures for solar water oxidation with high efficiency
A Pu, J Deng, M Li, J Gao, H Zhang, Y Hao, J Zhong, X Sun
Journal of Materials chemistry A 2 (8), 2491-2497, 2014
Thin-Layer Fe2TiO5 on Hematite for Efficient Solar Water Oxidation
J Deng, X Lv, J Liu, H Zhang, K Nie, C Hong, J Wang, X Sun, J Zhong, ...
ACS nano 9 (5), 5348-5356, 2015
Synthesis of a chiral crystal form of MOF-5, CMOF-5, by chiral induction
SY Zhang, D Li, D Guo, H Zhang, W Shi, P Cheng, L Wojtas, ...
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Fractal nanoparticle plasmonics: The Cayley tree
S Gottheim, H Zhang, AO Govorov, NJ Halas
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3D plasmonic chiral colloids
X Shen, P Zhan, A Kuzyk, Q Liu, A Asenjo-Garcia, H Zhang, FJG de Abajo, ...
Nanoscale 6 (4), 2077-2081, 2014
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