Craig D. Ellermeier
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Construction of targeted single copy lac fusions using λ Red and FLP-mediated site-specific recombination in bacteria
CD Ellermeier, A Janakiraman, JM Slauch
Gene 290 (1-2), 153-161, 2002
HilD, HilC and RtsA constitute a feed forward loop that controls expression of the SPI1 type three secretion system regulator hilA in Salmonella enterica serovar …
CD Ellermeier, JR Ellermeier, JM Slauch
Molecular microbiology 57 (3), 691-705, 2005
Imaging mass spectrometry of intraspecies metabolic exchange revealed the cannibalistic factors of Bacillus subtilis
WT Liu, YL Yang, Y Xu, A Lamsa, NM Haste, JY Yang, J Ng, D Gonzalez, ...
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A three-protein signaling pathway governing immunity to a bacterial cannibalism toxin
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RtsA and RtsB Coordinately Regulate Expression of the Invasion and Flagellar Genes in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium
CD Ellermeier, JM Slauch
Journal of bacteriology 185 (17), 5096-5108, 2003
Tissue-Specific Gene Expression Identifies a Gene in the Lysogenic Phage Gifsy-1 That Affects Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Survival in Peyer's Patches
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Evidence for a novel protease governing regulated intramembrane proteolysis and resistance to antimicrobial peptides in Bacillus subtilis
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CD Ellermeier, JM Slauch
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Use of mCherry red fluorescent protein for studies of protein localization and gene expression in Clostridium difficile
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Extra cytoplasmic function σ factor activation
TD Ho, CD Ellermeier
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SdiA, an N-acylhomoserine lactone receptor, becomes active during the transit of Salmonella enterica through the gastrointestinal tract of turtles
JN Smith, JL Dyszel, JA Soares, CD Ellermeier, C Altier, SD Lawhon, ...
PLoS One 3 (7), e2826, 2008
Resolvase-In Vivo Expression Technology Analysis of the Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium PhoP and PmrA Regulons in BALB/c Mice
M Merighi, CD Ellermeier, JM Slauch, JS Gunn
Journal of bacteriology 187 (21), 7407-7416, 2005
The Bacillus subtilis Extracytoplasmic Function σ Factor σV Is Induced by Lysozyme and Provides Resistance to Lysozyme
TD Ho, JL Hastie, PJ Intile, CD Ellermeier
Journal of bacteriology 193 (22), 6215-6222, 2011
PrsW is required for colonization, resistance to antimicrobial peptides, and expression of extracytoplasmic function σ factors in Clostridium difficile
TD Ho, CD Ellermeier
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RtsA Coordinately Regulates DsbA and the Salmonella Pathogenicity Island 1 Type III Secretion System
CD Ellermeier, JM Slauch
Journal of bacteriology 186 (1), 68-79, 2004
Clostridium difficile Extracytoplasmic Function σ Factor σV Regulates Lysozyme Resistance and Is Necessary for Pathogenesis in the Hamster Model of Infection
TD Ho, KB Williams, Y Chen, RF Helm, DL Popham, CD Ellermeier
Infection and immunity 82 (6), 2345-2355, 2014
The Activity of σV, an Extracytoplasmic Function σ Factor of Bacillus subtilis, Is Controlled by Regulated Proteolysis of the Anti-σ Factor RsiV
JL Hastie, KB Williams, CD Ellermeier
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Identification and characterization of a gene cluster required for proper rod shape, cell division, and pathogenesis in Clostridium difficile
EM Ransom, KB Williams, DS Weiss, CD Ellermeier
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Ferric uptake regulator fur control of putative iron acquisition systems in Clostridium difficile
TD Ho, CD Ellermeier
Journal of bacteriology 197 (18), 2930-2940, 2015
Evidence of a Bacterial Receptor for Lysozyme: Binding of Lysozyme to the Anti-σ Factor RsiV Controls Activation of the ECF σ Factor σV
JL Hastie, KB Williams, C Sepulveda, JC Houtman, KT Forest, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (10), e1004643, 2014
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