Gustavo De-Deus
Gustavo De-Deus
Universidade Fluminense Federal
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Extended cyclic fatigue life of F2 ProTaper instruments used in reciprocating movement
G De‐Deus, EJL Moreira, HP Lopes, CN Elias
International endodontic journal 43 (12), 1063-1068, 2010
Changes in the surface of four calcium silicate‐containing endodontic materials and an epoxy resin‐based sealer after a solubility test
RP Borges, MD Sousa‐Neto, MA Versiani, FA Rached‐Júnior, ...
International endodontic journal 45 (5), 419-428, 2012
Micro–computed tomography study of oval-shaped canals prepared with the Self-adjusting File, Reciproc, WaveOne, and Protaper Universal systems
MA Versiani, GB Leoni, L Steier, G De-Deus, S Tassani, JD Pécora, ...
Journal of Endodontics 39 (8), 1060-1066, 2013
Blue thermomechanical treatment optimizes fatigue resistance and flexibility of the Reciproc files
G De-Deus, EJNL Silva, VTL Vieira, FG Belladonna, CN Elias, G Plotino, ...
Journal of endodontics 43 (3), 462-466, 2017
Assessment of apically extruded debris produced by the single-file ProTaper F2 technique under reciprocating movement
G De-Deus, MC Brandão, B Barino, K Di Giorgi, RAS Fidel, AS Luna
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and …, 2010
Optimal cytocompatibility of a bioceramic nanoparticulate cement in primary human mesenchymal cells
G De-Deus, A Canabarro, G Alves, A Linhares, MI Senne, JM Granjeiro
Journal of Endodontics 35 (10), 1387-1390, 2009
Microtomography-based comparison of reciprocating single-file F2 ProTaper technique versus rotary full sequence
F Paqué, M Zehnder, G De-Deus
Journal of endodontics 37 (10), 1394-1397, 2011
A laboratory analysis of gutta‐percha‐filled area obtained using Thermafil, System B and lateral condensation
G De‐Deus, ED Gurgel‐Filho, KM Magalhães, T Coutinho‐Filho
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Cytotoxicity of MTA and Portland cement on human ECV 304 endothelial cells
G De Deus, R Ximenes, ED Gurgel‐Filho, MC Plotkowski, ...
International endodontic journal 38 (9), 604-609, 2005
Lack of causal relationship between dentinal microcracks and root canal preparation with reciprocation systems
G De-Deus, EJNL Silva, J Marins, E Souza, A de Almeida Neves, ...
Journal of Endodontics 40 (9), 1447-1450, 2014
Limited ability of three commonly used thermoplasticized gutta-percha techniques in filling oval-shaped canals
G De-Deus, C Reis, D Beznos, AMG de Abranches, T Coutinho-Filho, ...
Journal of Endodontics 34 (11), 1401-1405, 2008
Evaluation of the effect of EDTA, EDTAC and citric acid on the microhardness of root dentine
G De‐Deus, S Paciornik, MHP Mauricio
International Endodontic Journal 39 (5), 401-407, 2006
MTA versus Portland cement as repair material for furcal perforations: a laboratory study using a polymicrobial leakage model
G De‐Deus, V Petruccelli, E Gurgel‐Filho, T Coutinho‐Filho
International Endodontic Journal 39 (4), 293-298, 2006
Suboptimal debridement quality produced by the single-file F2 ProTaper technique in oval-shaped canals
G De-Deus, B Barino, RQ Zamolyi, E Souza, AF Júnior, S Fidel, RAS Fidel
Journal of Endodontics 36 (11), 1897-1900, 2010
Comparison of the effectiveness of three irrigation techniques in reducing intracanal Enterococcus faecalis populations: an in vitro study
PRR Brito, LC Souza, JCM de Oliveira, FRF Alves, G De-Deus, HP Lopes, ...
Journal of endodontics 35 (10), 1422-1427, 2009
The self-adjusting file optimizes debridement quality in oval-shaped root canals
G De-Deus, EM Souza, B Barino, J Maia, RQ Zamolyi, C Reis, A Kfir
Journal of endodontics 37 (5), 701-705, 2011
A new system for classifying root and root canal morphology
HMA Ahmed, MA Versiani, G De‐Deus, PMH Dummer
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The sealing ability of GuttaFlow™ in oval‐shaped canals: an ex vivo study using a polymicrobial leakage model
G De‐Deus, MC Brandão, RAS Fidel, SR Fidel
International endodontic journal 40 (10), 794-799, 2007
The impact of root dentine conditioning on sealing ability and push‐out bond strength of an epoxy resin root canal sealer
P Neelakantan, C Subbarao, CV Subbarao, G De‐Deus, M Zehnder
International Endodontic Journal 44 (6), 491-498, 2011
Apically extruded dentin debris by reciprocating single-file and multi-file rotary system
G De-Deus, A Neves, EJ Silva, TA Mendonça, C Lourenço, C Calixto, ...
Clinical oral investigations 19 (2), 357-361, 2015
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