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On-demand single photons with high extraction efficiency and near-unity indistinguishability from a resonantly driven quantum dot in a micropillar
X Ding, Y He, ZC Duan, N Gregersen, MC Chen, S Unsleber, S Maier, ...
Physical review letters 116 (2), 020401, 2016
Quantum-dot spin–photon entanglement via frequency downconversion to telecom wavelength
K De Greve, L Yu, PL McMahon, JS Pelc, CM Natarajan, NY Kim, E Abe, ...
Nature 491 (7424), 421, 2012
On-demand semiconductor single-photon source with near-unity indistinguishability
YM He, Y He, YJ Wei, D Wu, M Atatüre, C Schneider, S Höfling, M Kamp, ...
Nature nanotechnology 8 (3), 213, 2013
An electrically pumped polariton laser
C Schneider, A Rahimi-Iman, NY Kim, J Fischer, IG Savenko, M Amthor, ...
Nature 497 (7449), 348, 2013
micropillar cavities with quality factors exceeding 150.000
S Reitzenstein, C Hofmann, A Gorbunov, M Strauß, SH Kwon, ...
Applied Physics Letters 90 (25), 251109, 2007
Ultrafast optical spin echo in a single quantum dot
D Press, K De Greve, PL McMahon, TD Ladd, B Friess, C Schneider, ...
Nature Photonics 4 (6), 367, 2010
Ultrafast coherent control and suppressed nuclear feedback of a single quantum dot hole qubit
K De Greve, PL McMahon, D Press, TD Ladd, D Bisping, C Schneider, ...
Nature Physics 7 (11), 872, 2011
Observation of non-Hermitian degeneracies in a chaotic exciton-polariton billiard
T Gao, E Estrecho, KY Bliokh, TCH Liew, MD Fraser, S Brodbeck, M Kamp, ...
Nature 526 (7574), 554, 2015
Direct observation of correlations between individual photon emission events of a microcavity laser
J Wiersig, C Gies, F Jahnke, M Aßmann, T Berstermann, M Bayer, ...
Nature 460 (7252), 245, 2009
Electrically driven quantum dot-micropillar single photon source with 34% overall efficiency
T Heindel, C Schneider, M Lermer, SH Kwon, T Braun, S Reitzenstein, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96 (1), 011107, 2010
High-efficiency multiphoton boson sampling
H Wang, Y He, YH Li, ZE Su, B Li, HL Huang, X Ding, MC Chen, C Liu, ...
Nature Photonics 11 (6), 361, 2017
Up on the Jaynes–Cummings ladder of a quantum-dot/microcavity system
J Kasprzak, S Reitzenstein, EA Muljarov, C Kistner, C Schneider, ...
Nature materials 9 (4), 304, 2010
Lithographic alignment to site-controlled quantum dots for device integration
C Schneider, M Strauß, T Sünner, A Huggenberger, D Wiener, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (18), 183101, 2008
Single photon emission from a site-controlled quantum dot-micropillar cavity system
C Schneider, T Heindel, A Huggenberger, P Weinmann, C Kistner, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (11), 111111, 2009
Deterministic and robust generation of single photons from a single quantum dot with 99.5% indistinguishability using adiabatic rapid passage
YJ Wei, YM He, MC Chen, YN Hu, Y He, D Wu, C Schneider, M Kamp, ...
Nano letters 14 (11), 6515-6519, 2014
Room-temperature Tamm-plasmon exciton-polaritons with a WSe2 monolayer
N Lundt, S Klembt, E Cherotchenko, S Betzold, O Iff, AV Nalitov, M Klaas, ...
Nature communications 7, 13328, 2016
Single site-controlled In (Ga) As/GaAs quantum dots: growth, properties and device integration
C Schneider, A Huggenberger, T Sünner, T Heindel, M Strauß, S Göpfert, ...
Nanotechnology 20 (43), 434012, 2009
Polarized nonequilibrium Bose-Einstein condensates of spinor exciton polaritons in a magnetic field
AV Larionov, VD Kulakovskii, S Höfling, C Schneider, L Worschech, ...
Physical review letters 105 (25), 256401, 2010
Near-transform-limited single photons from an efficient solid-state quantum emitter
H Wang, ZC Duan, YH Li, S Chen, JP Li, YM He, MC Chen, Y He, X Ding, ...
Physical review letters 116 (21), 213601, 2016
Demonstration of strong coupling via electro-optical tuning in high-quality QD-micropillar systems
C Kistner, T Heindel, C Schneider, A Rahimi-Iman, S Reitzenstein, ...
Optics Express 16 (19), 15006-15012, 2008
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