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Neonicotinoid exposure disrupts bumblebee nest behavior, social networks, and thermoregulation
JD Crall, CM Switzer, RL Oppenheimer, AN Ford Versypt, B Dey, A Brown, ...
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BEEtag: a low-cost, image-based tracking system for the study of animal behavior and locomotion
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Resilin in dragonfly and damselfly wings and its implications for wing flexibility
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Spatial fidelity of workers predicts collective response to disturbance in a social insect
JD Crall, N Gravish, AM Mountcastle, SD Kocher, RL Oppenheimer, ...
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Early origin of sweet perception in the songbird radiation
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Wind alters landing dynamics in bumblebees
JJ Chang, JD Crall, SA Combes
Journal of Experimental Biology 219 (18), 2819-2822, 2016
Social context modulates idiosyncrasy of behaviour in the gregarious cockroach Blaberus discoidalis
JD Crall, AD Souffrant, D Akandwanaho, SD Hescock, SE Callan, ...
Animal Behaviour 111, 297-305, 2016
Social buffering of pesticides in bumblebees: agent-based modeling of the effects of colony size and neonicotinoid exposure on behavior within nests
JD Crall, BL De Bivort, B Dey, AN Ford Versypt
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 51, 2019
MAPLE (modular automated platform for large-scale experiments), a robot for integrated organism-handling and phenotyping
T Alisch, JD Crall, AB Kao, D Zucker, BL De Bivort
Elife 7, e37166, 2018
An ancient push-pull pollination mechanism in cycads
S Salzman, D Crook, JD Crall, R Hopkins, NE Pierce
Science Advances 6 (24), eaay6169, 2020
Evolutionary trade-offs between male secondary sexual traits revealed by a phylogeny of the hyperdiverse tribe Eumaeini (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
WA Valencia-Montoya, TB Quental, JFR Tonini, G Talavera, JD Crall, ...
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Wind drives temporal variation in pollinator visitation in a fragmented tropical forest
JD Crall, J Brokaw, SF Gagliardi, CD Mendenhall, NE Pierce, SA Combes
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Glyphosate impairs bee thermoregulation
J Crall
Science 376 (6597), 1051-1052, 2022
Blown in the wind: Bumblebee temporal foraging patterns in naturally varying wind conditions
JD Crall, SA Combes
Integr Comp Biol 53 (Suppl 1), E270, 2013
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