Bruno Freitas
Bruno Freitas
PhD student, Advanced Storage Division - Center for Innovation on New Energies - UNICAMP
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Nickel oxide nanoparticles supported onto oriented multi-walled carbon nanotube as electrodes for electrochemical capacitors
WG Nunes, LM Da Silva, R Vicentini, BGA Freitas, LH Costa, AM Pascon, ...
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Robust, flexible, freestanding and high surface area activated carbon and multi-walled carbon nanotubes composite material with outstanding electrode properties for aqueous …
B Freitas, WG Nunes, DM Soares, FC Rufino, CM Moreira, LM Da Silva, ...
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Charge-storage mechanism of highly defective NiO nanostructures on carbon nanofibers in electrochemical supercapacitors
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Electrochemical behavior of symmetric electrical double-layer capacitors and pseudocapacitors and identification of transport anomalies in the interconnected ionic and …
WG Nunes, AM Pascon, B Freitas, LG De Sousa, DV Franco, H Zanin, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (4), 676, 2022
Combining in situ electrochemistry, operando XRD & Raman spectroscopy, and density functional theory to investigate the fundamentals of Li 2 CO 3 formation in supercapacitors
B Freitas, WG Nunes, CG Real, CB Rodella, G Doubek, LM da Silva, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (38), 20636-20650, 2023
High Capacitance Nitric Acid-Functionalized MWCNT/PANI composite Supercapacitors under operando conditions
J Pregnolato, H Zanin, R Vicentini, WI Nunes, A Pascon, B Freitas
Revista dos Trabalhos de Iniciação Científica da UNICAMP, 1-1, 2019
Preparing a rock sample to Rietveld analysis: What is the best grinding method?
BA Freitas, CS Silveira, JA Resende, RBV Azeredo
Blucher Physics Proceedings 1 (3), 68-68, 2015
Synthesis and characterization of LiCoO_2 from glycine, citric acid, starch and gelatin employing sol-gel method
BGA Freitas, JM Siqueira Junior, GB Ferreira, JALC Resende
Combining in Situ Electrochemistry, Operando Xrd & Raman and Density Functional Theory to Investigate the Fundamentals of Li2co3 Formation in Supercapacitor
B Freitas, W Nunes, C Real, C Rodella, G Doubek, LM da Silva, ...
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