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Causal networks and freedom of choice in bell’s theorem
R Chaves, G Moreno, E Polino, D Poderini, I Agresti, A Suprano, ...
PRX Quantum 2 (4), 040323, 2021
Semi-device-independent certification of entanglement in superdense coding
G Moreno, R Nery, C de Gois, R Rabelo, R Chaves
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Device-independent secret sharing and a stronger form of Bell nonlocality
MGM Moreno, S Brito, RV Nery, R Chaves
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E Polino, D Poderini, G Rodari, I Agresti, A Suprano, G Carvacho, E Wolfe, ...
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Remote preparation of W states from imperfect bipartite sources
MGM Moreno, MM Cunha, F Parisio
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Entanglement-based quantum communication complexity beyond Bell nonlocality
J Ho, G Moreno, S Brito, F Graffitti, CL Morrison, R Nery, A Pickston, ...
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Using three-partite GHZ states for partial quantum error detection in entanglement-based protocols
MGM Moreno, A Fonseca, MM Cunha
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General Method for Classicality Certification in the Prepare and Measure Scenario
C de Gois, G Moreno, R Nery, S Brito, R Chaves, R Rabelo
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Nonlocality distillation and quantum voids
SGA Brito, MGM Moreno, A Rai, R Chaves
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Investigation of the collapse of quantum states using entangled photons
MGM Moreno, F Parisio
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Events in quantum mechanics are maximally non-absolute
G Moreno, R Nery, C Duarte, R Chaves
Quantum 6, 785, 2022
Quantum Finance: a tutorial on quantum computing applied to the financial market
A Canabarro, TM Mendonça, R Nery, G Moreno, AS Albino, GF de Jesus, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.04382, 2022
Causal inference with imperfect instrumental variables
N Miklin, M Gachechiladze, G Moreno, R Chaves
Journal of Causal Inference 10 (1), 45-63, 2022
Non-ideal teleportation of tripartite entanglement: Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen versus Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger schemes
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Toward an experimental test for the finite-time wave function collapse
RSN Moreira, AJA Carvalho, MS Mendes, MGM Moreno, J Ferraz, ...
Optics Communications 426, 212-218, 2018
Multistage games and Bell scenarios with communication
G Moreno, R Nery, A Palhares, R Chaves
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Critical behaviour in the optimal generation of multipartite entanglement
MGM Moreno, F Parisio
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Machine-learning-based device-independent certification of quantum networks
N D'Alessandro, B Polacchi, G Moreno, E Polino, R Chaves, I Agresti, ...
Physical Review Research 5 (2), 023016, 2023
Enhancing entanglement and total correlations dynamics via local unitaries
J Morais Varela, R Nery, G Moreno, AC de Oliveira Viana, G Landi, ...
arXiv e-prints, arXiv: 2108.08372, 2021
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