a. Benghia
a. Benghia
Phd in Physics - Chemistry of Materials
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First-principles investigation on the stability and material properties of all-inorganic cesium lead iodide perovskites CsPbI3 polymorphs
MA Fadla, B Bentria, T Dahame, A Benghia
Physica B: Condensed Matter 585, 412118, 2020
Effect of p-toluenesulfonyl hydrazide on copper corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution
R Laggoun, M Ferhat, B Saidat, A Benghia, A Chaabani
Corrosion Science 165, 108363, 2020
Optimized opto-electronic and mechanical properties of orthorhombic methylamunium lead halides (MAPbX3)(X= I, Br and Cl) for photovoltaic applications
ME Laamari, A Cheknane, A Benghia, HS Hilal
Solar Energy 182, 9-15, 2019
Investigation of triphenylamine-based sensitizer characteristics and adsorption behavior onto ZnTiO3 perovskite (1 0 1) surfaces for dye-sensitized solar cells using first …
K Cherifi, A Cheknane, HS Hilal, A Benghia, K Rahmoun, B Benyoucef
Chemical Physics 530, 110595, 2020
Exploring N3 ruthenium dye adsorption onto ZnTiO3 (101) and (110) surfaces for dye sensitized solar cell applications: Full computational study
K Cherifi, A Cheknane, A Benghia, HS Hilal, K Rahmoun, B Benyoucef, ...
Materials Today Energy 13, 109-118, 2019
Insights on the opto-electronic structure of the inorganic mixed halide perovskites γ-CsPb (I1-xBrx) 3 with low symmetry black phase
MA Fadla, B Bentria, A Benghia, T Dahame, S Goumri-Said
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 832, 154847, 2020
First principle calculation of physical properties of barium based chalcogenides BaM4S7 (M= Ga, Al); a DFT, DFT-D and hybrid functional HSE06 study
A Benghia, T Dahame, B Bentria
Optical Materials 54, 269-275, 2016
Effect of iodic acid concentration in preparation of zinc iodate: Experimental characterization of Zn (IO3) 2, and its physical properties from density functional theory
A Benghia, Z Hebboul, R Chikhaoui, I khaldoun Lefkaier, A Chouireb, ...
Vacuum 181, 109660, 2020
Prediction of half-metallic properties for the AMnSe2 (A= Rb, Cs) compounds from first-principle calculations
A Benmakhlouf, A Bentabet, A Bouhemadou, A Benghia
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 399, 179-184, 2016
Simulation of electronic and optical properties of polyene-diphenylaniline-sensitizers for perovskite n-ZnTiO3 towards efficient dye sensitized solar cells
A Daoud, A Cheknane, HS Hilal, A Meftah, A Benghia
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 134, 106037, 2021
Toward a better understanding of the enhancing/embrittling effects of impurities in Nickel grain boundaries
ET Bentria, IK Lefkaier, A Benghia, B Bentria, MB Kanoun, S Goumri-Said
Scientific reports 9 (1), 14024, 2019
Structural, half-metallic magnetism and elastic properties of the KMnQ2 (Q= O, S, Se, Te) chalcogenides from first-principles calculations
A Benmakhlouf, A Bentabet, A Bouhemadou, S Maabed, A Benghia, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 408, 199-205, 2016
Electronic, elastic, linear and nonlinear optical properties of beryllium based chalcopyrite BeMN2 (M= C, Si): An ab-initio study
T Dahame, MA Fadla, B Bentria, A Benghia
Physica B: Condensed Matter 561, 37-42, 2019
Elucidating linear and nonlinear optical properties of defect chalcopyrite compounds ZnX2Te4 (X= Al, Ga, In) from electronic transitions
Y Ayeb, A Benghia, MB Kanoun, R Arar, B Lagoun, S Goumri-Said
Solid State Sciences 87, 39-48, 2019
Simple New Method for the Preparation of La(IO3)3 Nanoparticles
Z Hebboul, A Ghozlane, R Turnbull, A Benghia, S Allaoui, A Liang, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (12), 2400, 2020
Ab intio investigation of electronic and magnetic properties of Ca1-x TMx Te (TM= V, Cr, and Mn)
Y Daoudi, HMA Mazouz, MA Fadla, A Benghia
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 538, 168315, 2021
Experimental synthesis of double perovskite functional nano-ceramic Eu2NiMnO6: combining optical characterization and DFT calculations
M Elhamel, Z Hebboul, ME Naidjate, A Draoui, A Benghia, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 323, 124022, 2023
TB-mBJ calculation of structural, electronic and optical properties of two monovalent iodates AIO3 (A= Tl, α-Rb)
S Belhadj, B Lagoun, MB Taouti, S Khenchoul, A Benghia, D Benbertal
Chinese Journal of Physics 59, 10-20, 2019
Electronic structure, first and second order physical properties of MPS4: a theoretical study
T Dahame, B Bentria, H Faraoun, A Benghia, AHR Al-Jaary
Materials Science-Poland, 2016
Data driven enhancement of mid-infrared non-linear optical properties of quaternary and ternary chalcogenides
A Benghia, BK Mechraoui, S Ferchane, I khaldoun Lefkaier, MA Fadla, ...
Optik 293, 171432, 2023
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