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Hydrogen bonding and polyurethane morphology. I. Quantum mechanical calculations of hydrogen bond energies and vibrational spectroscopy of model compounds
E Yılgör, I Yılgör, E Yurtsever
Polymer 43 (24), 6551-6559, 2002
Comparison of hydrogen bonding in polydimethylsiloxane and polyether based urethane and urea copolymers
E Yilgör, E Burgaz, E Yurtsever, I Yilgör
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Hydrogen bonding and polyurethane morphology. II. Spectroscopic, thermal and crystallization behavior of polyether blends with 1, 3-dimethylurea and a model urethane compound
E Yilgör, E Yurtsever, I Yilgör
Polymer 43 (24), 6561-6568, 2002
Understanding the influence of hydrogen bonding and diisocyanate symmetry on the morphology and properties of segmented polyurethanes and polyureas: computational and …
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A DFT study of polymerization mechanisms of indole
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Phase-space invariants as indicators of the critical behavior of nanoaggregates
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The increase in the rate of publications originating from Turkey
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The orthogonal gradient method. A simple method to solve the closed‐shell, open‐shell, and multiconfiguration SCF equations
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Structural studies of polythiophenes
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π-Stack dimers of small polyaromatic hydrocarbons: a path to the packing of graphenes
E Yurtsever
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (5), 924-930, 2009
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