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X-ray diffraction investigation of GaN layers on Si (111) and Al₂O₃ (0001) substrates
NV Safriuk, GV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, VP Kladko, AE Belyaev, ...
Semiconductor physics quantum electronics & optoelectronics, 2013
High-resolution X-ray diffraction analysis of strain distribution in GaN nanowires on Si (111) substrate
H Stanchu, V Kladko, AV Kuchuk, N Safriuk, A Belyaev, A Wierzbicka, ...
Nanoscale research letters 10 (1), 1-5, 2015
Nanoscale Electrostructural Characterization of Compositionally Graded AlxGa1–xN Heterostructures on GaN/Sapphire (0001) Substrate
AV Kuchuk, PM Lytvyn, C Li, HV Stanchu, YI Mazur, ME Ware, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (41), 23320-23327, 2015
Measuring the depth profiles of strain/composition in AlGaN-graded layer by high-resolution x-ray diffraction
AV Kuchuk, HV Stanchu, C Li, ME Ware, YI Mazur, VP Kladko, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (22), 224302, 2014
Asymmetrical reciprocal space mapping using X-ray diffraction: a technique for structural characterization of GaN/AlN superlattices
HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, M Barchuk, YI Mazur, VP Kladko, ZM Wang, ...
CrystEngComm 19 (22), 2977-2982, 2017
Modelling of X-ray diffraction curves for GaN nanowires on Si (1 1 1)
VP Kladko, АV Kuchuk, HV Stanchu, NV Safriuk, AE Belyaev, ...
Journal of crystal growth 401, 347-350, 2014
The peculiarities of strain relaxation in GaN/AlN superlattices grown on vicinal GaN (0001) substrate: comparative XRD and AFM study
AV Kuchuk, S Kryvyi, PM Lytvyn, S Li, VP Kladko, ME Ware, YI Mazur, ...
Nanoscale research letters 11 (1), 1-8, 2016
Effect of strain-polarization fields on optical transitions in AlGaN/GaN multi-quantum well structures
V Kladko, A Kuchuk, А Naumov, N Safriuk, O Kolomys, S Kryvyi, ...
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 76, 140-145, 2016
Strain suppressed Sn incorporation in GeSn epitaxially grown on Ge/Si (001) substrate
HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, YI Mazur, J Margetis, J Tolle, SQ Yu, GJ Salamo
Applied Physics Letters 116 (23), 232101, 2020
Local strain and crystalline defects in GaN/AlGaN/GaN (0001) heterostructures induced by compositionally graded AlGaN buried layers
HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, YI Mazur, C Li, PM Lytvyn, M Schmidbauer, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 19 (1), 200-210, 2018
Kinetically controlled transition from 2D nanostructured films to 3D multifaceted InN nanocrystals on GaN (0001)
HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, PM Lytvyn, YI Mazur, ME Ware, Y Maidaniuk, ...
CrystEngComm 20 (11), 1499-1508, 2018
X-ray diffraction study of strain relaxation, spontaneous compositional gradient, and dislocation density in GeSn/Ge/Si (100) heterostructures
H Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, YI Mazur, J Margetis, J Tolle, J Richter, SQ Yu, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 35 (7), 075009, 2020
Compositionally Graded AlGaN Nanostructures: Strain Distribution and X-ray Diffraction Reciprocal Space Mapping
H Stanchu, M Auf der Maur, AV Kuchuk, YI Mazur, M Sobanska, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (3), 1543-1551, 2020
The effect of ion implantation on structural damage in compositionally graded AlGaN layers
OI Liubchenko, VP Kladko, HV Stanchu, TM Sabov, VP Melnik, SB Kryvyi, ...
Semiconductor physics, quantum electronics & optoelectronics, 119-129, 2019
Strain relaxation in GaN/AlN superlattices on GaN (0001) substrate: Combined superlattice-to-substrate lattice misfit and thickness-dependent effects
HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, PM Lytvyn, YI Mazur, Y Maidaniuk, M Benamara, ...
Materials & Design 157, 141-150, 2018
Effect of well/barrier thickness ratio on strain relaxation in GaN/AlN superlattices grown on GaN/sapphire template
SB Kryvyi, PM Lytvyn, VP Kladko, HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, YI Mazur, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2017
Investigation of Plasmon Gold Film Nanostructures by Means of both X-Ray Reflectometry and Diffractometry
OY Gudymenko, SB Kryvyi, HV Stanchu, VP Kladko, NV Safryuk, ...
Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol 37, 1215-1223, 2015
Deformation state of short-period AlGaN/GaN superlattices at different well-barrier thickness ratios
VP Kladko, NV Safriuk, HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, VP Melnyk, ...
Semiconductor physics quantum electronics & optoelectronics, 2014
Quantitative Correlation Study of Dislocation Generation, Strain Relief, and Sn Outdiffusion in Thermally Annealed GeSn Epilayers
HV Stanchu, AV Kuchuk, YI Mazur, K Pandey, FM de Oliveira, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 21 (3), 1666-1673, 2021
GaAs epitaxial growth on R-plane sapphire substrate
SK Saha, R Kumar, A Kuchuk, H Stanchu, YI Mazur, SQ Yu, GJ Salamo
Journal of Crystal Growth 548, 125848, 2020
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