Dr Amélia Almeida
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Performance and carcass characteristics of Santa Inês pure lambs and crosses with Dorper e Texel at different management systems
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Using body composition to determine weight at maturity of male and female Saanen goats
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Energy Requirements in Early Life Are Similar for Male and Female Goat Kids
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Energy and protein requirements of weaned male and female Saanen goats
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Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the non-carcass components and the meat of lambs fed sunflower seeds and vitamin E
NLL Lima, AG Silva Sobrinho, FA Almeida, V Endo, NMBL Zeola, ...
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A glimpse of the future in animal nutrition science. 1. Past and future challenges
LO Tedeschi, AK Almeida, AS Atzori, JP Muir, MA Fonseca, A Cannas
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 46 (5), 438-451, 2017
Predicting empty body weight in growing goats: A meta-analytic approach
LM Campos, AK Almeida, B Biagioli, KT Resende, IAMA Teixeira
Small ruminant research 155, 45-50, 2017
Fasting heat production of S aanen and A nglo N ubian goats measured using open‐circuit facemask respirometry
MHMR Fernandes, ARC Lima, AK Almeida, TH Borghi, IAMA Teixeira, ...
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition 101 (1), 15-21, 2017
Carcass characteristics of lambs fed diets with mulberry hay
LGA Cirne, AG da Silva Sobrinho, FA De Almeida, VT Santana, V Endo, ...
Semina: Ciências Agrárias 37 (4), 2737-2747, 2016
Allometric growth of non-carcass components in crossed lambs
IFF Garcia, TIRC Alvarenga, JRO Perez, AK Almeida, SB Gallo, IG Pereira, ...
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Nonpuerperal uterine inversion associated with endometrial polyp
F Costa, A Almeida, C Nunes, L Mota, G Rodrigues, JM Cabral
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Carcass characteristics and cuts of Santa Inês lambs fed different roughage proportions and fat source
IFF Garcia, AK Almeida, TIR Costa, I Leopoldino Júnior, JS Ribeiro, ...
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 39 (6), 1322-1327, 2010
Sex effects on macromineral requirements for growth in Saanen goats: a meta-analysis
JAC Vargas, AK Almeida, AP Souza, M Fernandes, KT Resende, ...
Journal of animal science 95 (10), 4646-4657, 2017
Ageing-freezing/thaw process affects blooming time and myoglobin forms of lamb meat during retail display
TIRC Alvarenga, DL Hopkins, EM Ramos, AK Almeida, G Geesink
Meat science 153, 19-25, 2019
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