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Femtosecond laser inscribed Bragg gratings in low loss CYTOP polymer optical fiber
A Lacraz, M Polis, A Theodosiou, C Koutsides, K Kalli
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 27 (7), 693-696, 2015
Plane-by-plane femtosecond laser inscription method for single-peak Bragg gratings in multimode CYTOP polymer optical fiber
A Theodosiou, A Lacraz, A Stassis, C Koutsides, M Komodromos, K Kalli
Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (24), 5404-5410, 2017
Modified fs-laser inscribed FBG array for rapid mode shape capture of free-free vibrating beams
A Theodosiou, A Lacraz, M Polis, K Kalli, M Tsangari, A Stassis, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28 (14), 1509-1512, 2016
Compensation method for temperature cross-sensitivity in transverse force applications with FBG sensors in POFs
AG Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, A Frizera
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Direct writing of plane-by-plane tilted fiber Bragg gratings using a femtosecond laser
A Ioannou, A Theodosiou, C Caucheteur, K Kalli
Optics letters 42 (24), 5198-5201, 2017
Characterization of a new polymer optical fiber with enhanced sensing capabilities using a Bragg grating
A Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, A Frizera-Neto, MJ Pontes, E Shafir, ...
Optics letters 43 (19), 4799-4802, 2018
POFBG-embedded cork insole for plantar pressure monitoring
D Vilarinho, A Theodosiou, C Leitão, AG Leal-Junior, MDF Domingues, ...
Sensors 17 (12), 2924, 2017
Polymer optical fiber Bragg gratings in CYTOP fibers for angle measurement with dynamic compensation
A Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, C Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, ...
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Carbon cantilever beam health inspection using a polymer fiber Bragg grating array
A Theodosiou, M Komodromos, K Kalli
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Femtosecond laser inscribed Bragg grating arrays in long lengths of polymer optical fibres; a route to practical sensing with POF
A Lacraz, A Theodosiou, K Kalli
Electronics Letters 52 (19), 1626-1627, 2016
Bragg gratings and Fabry-Perot cavities in low-loss multimode CYTOP polymer fiber
A Theodosiou, X Hu, C Caucheteur, K Kalli
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 30 (9), 857-860, 2018
Pressure dependence of fiber Bragg grating inscribed in perfluorinated polymer fiber
R Ishikawa, H Lee, A Lacraz, A Theodosiou, K Kalli, Y Mizuno, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 29 (24), 2167-2170, 2017
Laser structuring, stress modification and Bragg grating inscription in silicon-core glass fibers
M Fokine, A Theodosiou, S Song, T Hawkins, J Ballato, K Kalli, UJ Gibson
Optical Materials Express 7 (5), 1589-1597, 2017
Quasi-distributed torque and displacement sensing on a series elastic actuator’s spring using FBG arrays inscribed in CYTOP fibers
AG Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, R Min, J Casas, CR Díaz, WM Dos Santos, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (11), 4054-4061, 2019
Accurate and fast demodulation algorithm for multipeak FBG reflection spectra using a combination of cross correlation and Hilbert transformation
A Theodosiou, M Komodromos, K Kalli
Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (18), 3956-3962, 2017
Simultaneous measurement of axial strain, bending and torsion with a single fiber Bragg grating in CYTOP fiber
AG Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, CR Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 (3), 971-980, 2018
Comparative study of multimode CYTOP graded index and single-mode silica fibre Bragg grating array for the mode shape capturing of a free-free metal beam
A Theodosiou, M Polis, A Lacraz, K Kalli, M Komodromos, A Stassis
Micro-Structured and Specialty Optical Fibres IV 9886, 98860O, 2016
Recent trends and advances of fibre Bragg grating sensors in CYTOP polymer optical fibres
A Theodosiou, K Kalli
Optical Fiber Technology 54, 102079, 2020
Fiber Bragg Gratings in CYTOP Fibers Embedded in a 3D-Printed Flexible Support for Assessment of Human–Robot Interaction Forces
A Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, C Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, ...
Materials 11 (11), 2305, 2018
Plane-by-plane written, low-loss polymer optical fiber bragg grating arrays for multiparameter sensing in a smart walker
AG Leal-Junior, A Frizera, A Theodosiou, C Díaz, M Jimenez, R Min, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (20), 9221-9228, 2019
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