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Humberto Osório Stumpf
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A molecular-based magnet with a fully interlocked three-dimensional structure
HO Stumpf, Y Pei, O Kahn, L Ouahab, D Grandjean
Science 261 (5120), 447-449, 1993
Dimensionality of manganese (II)-copper (II) bimetallic compounds and design of molecular-based magnets
HO Stumpf, Y Pei, O Kahn, J Sletten, JP Renard
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Chemistry and physics of a molecular-based magnet containing three spin carriers, with a fully interlocked structure
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Soft and hard molecule-based magnets of formula [(Etrad)(2)M-2{Cu(opba)}(3)]center dot S [Etrad(+) = radical cation, M-II = Mn-II or Co-II, opba = Ortho-phenylenebis(oxamato …
MGF Vaz, LMM Pinheiro, HO Stumpf, AFC Alcântara, S Golhen, L Ouahab, ...
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A CuIICoII Metallacyclophane‐Based Metamagnet with a Corrugated Brick‐Wall Sheet Architecture
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Crystal structure and metamagnetic behavior of the ferrimagnetic chain compound MnCu (opba)(H2O) 2. cntdot. DMSO (opba= o-phenylenebis (oxamato) and DMSO= dimethyl sulfoxide)
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Bimetallic molecular-based magnets with large coercive fields
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MV Marinho, DO Reis, WXC Oliveira, LF Marques, HO Stumpf, M Deniz, ...
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Chemical, mineralogical and physical characteristics of a material accumulated on the river margin from mud flowing from the collapse of the iron ore tailings dam in Bento …
AC Silva, LCD Cavalcante, JD Fabris, RF Júnior, UM Barral, ...
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Amoxicillin photodegradation under visible light catalyzed by metal-free carbon nitride: An investigation of the influence of the structural defects
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Dalton Transactions 42 (47), 16510-16517, 2013
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