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Gabriel Vieira Soares
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The partial hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexene by nanoscale ruthenium catalysts in imidazolium ionic liquids
ET Silveira, AP Umpierre, LM Rossi, G Machado, J Morais, GV Soares, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 10 (15), 3734-3740, 2004
The effects of silane coupling agents on the properties of PHBV/halloysite nanocomposites
LN Carli, TS Daitx, GV Soares, JS Crespo, RS Mauler
Applied Clay Science 87, 311-319, 2014
Oxygen reaction-diffusion in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition films annealed in
KP Bastos, J Morais, L Miotti, RP Pezzi, GV Soares, IJR Baumvol, ...
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Morphological and compositional changes in the interface region induced by oxide thermal growth
GV Soares, C Radtke, IJR Baumvol, FC Stedile
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Integrity of hafnium silicate/silicon dioxide ultrathin films on Si
J Morais, L Miotti, GV Soares, SR Teixeira, R Pezzi, KP Bastos, ...
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Natural Green Coating Inhibits Adhesion of Clinically Important Bacteria
DS Trentin, DB Silva, AP Frasson, O Rzhepishevska, MV Da Silva, ...
Scientific reports 5, 8287, 2015
Effects of nitrogen incorporation on the interfacial layer between thermally grown dielectric films and SiC
SA Corrêa, C Radtke, GV Soares, L Miotti, IJR Baumvol, S Dimitrijev, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (25), 251909, 2009
Presence and resistance to wet etching of silicon oxycarbides at the SiO2/SiC interface
SA Corrêa, C Radtke, GV Soares, IJR Baumvol, C Krug, FC Stedile
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Polypropylene surface modification by active screen plasma nitriding
AP Kauling, GV Soares, CA Figueroa, RVB de Oliveira, IJR Baumvol, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 29 (2), 363-366, 2009
Oxygen transport and GeO2 stability during thermal oxidation of Ge
SRM Da Silva, GK Rolim, GV Soares, IJR Baumvol, C Krug, L Miotti, ...
Applied physics letters 100 (19), 191907, 2012
Synergistic effect of H2O and O2 on the decoupling of epitaxial monolayer graphene from SiC (0 0 0 1) via thermal treatments
NM Bom, MH Oliveira Jr, GV Soares, C Radtke, JMJ Lopes, H Riechert
Carbon 78, 298-304, 2014
Washing-resistant surfactant coated surface is able to inhibit pathogenic bacteria adhesion
J Treter, F Bonatto, C Krug, GV Soares, IJR Baumvol, AJ Macedo
Applied surface science 303, 147-154, 2014
Interaction of SiC thermal oxidation by-products with
C Radtke, FC Stedile, GV Soares, C Krug, EBO Da Rosa, C Driemeier, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (25), 252909, 2008
Hydrogen and deuterium incorporation and transport in hafnium-based dielectric films on silicon
RP Pezzi, L Miotti, KP Bastos, GV Soares, C Driemeier, IJR Baumvol, ...
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Carbon occupancy of interstitial sites in vanadium carbide films deposited by direct current reactive magnetron sputtering
E Portolan, CLG Amorim, GV Soares, C Aguzzoli, CA Perottoni, ...
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Structure, composition, and mechanical characterization of dc sputtered TiN-MoS2 nanocomposite thin films
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Carbon nitride film deposition by active screen plasma nitriding
ÂE Crespi, MEHM da Costa, CA Figueroa, MER Dotto, AP Kauling, ...
Materials Letters 65 (19-20), 2985-2988, 2011
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