Maria Ines Basso Bernardi
Maria Ines Basso Bernardi
Instituto de Física de São Carlos
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Structural and optical properties of CaTiO3 perovskite-based materials obtained by microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis: An experimental and theoretical insight
ML Moreira, EC Paris, GS do Nascimento, VM Longo, JR Sambrano, ...
Acta Materialia 57 (17), 5174-5185, 2009
Synthesis and characterization of spinel pigment CaFe2O4 obtained by the polymeric precursor method
RA Candeia, MIB Bernardi, E Longo, IMG Santos, AG Souza
Materials Letters 58 (5), 569-572, 2004
Evaluation of CoAl2O4 as ceramic pigments
DMA Melo, JD Cunha, JDG Fernandes, MI Bernardi, MAF Melo, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 38 (9-10), 1559-1564, 2003
CeO 2 nanoparticles synthesized by a microwave-assisted hydrothermal method: evolution from nanospheres to nanorods
VD Araujo, W Avansi, HB de Carvalho, ML Moreira, E Longo, C Ribeiro, ...
CrystEngComm 14 (3), 1150-1154, 2012
Low-temperature synthesis of single-phase crystalline LaNiO3 perovskite via Pechini method
JDG Fernandes, DMA Melo, LB Zinner, CM Salustiano, ZR Silva, ...
Materials Letters 53 (1-2), 122-125, 2002
Comparison of blue pigments prepared by two different methods
MIB Bernardi, S Cava, CO Paiva-Santos, ER Leite, CA Paskocimas, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 22 (16), 2911-2919, 2002
Influence of the concentration of Sb2O3 and the viscosity of the precursor solution on the electrical and optical properties of SnO2 thin films produced by the Pechini method
MIB Bernardi, LE Soledade, IA Santos, ER Leite, E Longo, JA Varela
Thin Solid Films 405 (1-2), 228-233, 2002
MgFe2O4 pigment obtained at low temperature
RA Candeia, MAF Souza, MIB Bernardi, SC Maestrelli, IMG Santos, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 41 (1), 183-190, 2006
An improved method for preparation of SrTiO3 nanoparticles
LF Da Silva, LJQ Maia, MIB Bernardi, JA Andres, VR Mastelaro
Materials Chemistry and Physics 125 (1-2), 168-173, 2011
Synthesis and sintering of ZrO2-CeO2 powder by use of polymeric precursor based on Pechini process
AL Quinelato, E Longo, ER Leite, MIB Bernardi, JA Varela
Journal of Materials Science 36 (15), 3825-3830, 2001
Epitaxial growth of LiNbO3 thin films in a microwave oven
N Vasconcelos, JS Vasconcelos, V Bouquet, SM Zanetti, ER Leite, ...
Thin Solid Films 436 (2), 213-219, 2003
Effect of Thickness on the Electrical and Optical Properties of Sb Doped SnO2 (ATO) Thin Films
TR Giraldi, MT Escote, MIB Bernardi, V Bouquet, ER Leite, E Longo, ...
Journal of Electroceramics 13 (1-3), 159-165, 2004
TiO2 thin film growth using the MOCVD method
MIB Bernardi, EJH Lee, PN Lisboa-Filho, ER Leite, E Longo, JA Varela
Materials Research 4 (3), 223-226, 2001
The role of oxygen vacancies and their location in the magnetic properties of Ce 1− x Cu x O 2− δ nanorods
MIB Bernardi, A Mesquita, F Beron, KR Pirota, AO De Zevallos, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (5), 3072-3080, 2015
Monoferrite BaFe2O4 applied as ceramic pigment
RA Candeia, MAF Souza, MIB Bernardi, SC Maestrelli, IMG Santos, ...
Ceramics International 33 (4), 521-525, 2007
Ba1− xSrxTiO3 thin films by polymeric precursor method
FM Pontes, E Longo, JH Rangel, MI Bernardi, ER Leite, JA Varela
Materials Letters 43 (5-6), 249-253, 2000
Microwave hydrothermal synthesis and photocatalytic performance of ZnO and M: ZnO nanostructures (M= V, Fe, Co)
TM Milao, VR de Mendonça, VD Araújo, W Avansi, C Ribeiro, E Longo, ...
Science of Advanced Materials 4 (1), 54-60, 2012
The filler content of the dental composite resins and their influence on different properties
ANS Rastelli, DP Jacomassi, APS Faloni, TP Queiroz, SS Rojas, ...
Microscopy research and technique 75 (6), 758-765, 2012
Synthesis of non-agglomerated Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 nanopowders by a modified polymeric precursor method
RS da Silva, MIB Bernardi, AC Hernandes
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 42 (2), 173-179, 2007
Enhanced electrical property of nanostructured Sb-doped SnO2 thin film processed by soft chemical method
ER Leite, MIB Bernardi, E Longo, JA Varela, CA Paskocimas
Thin Solid Films 449 (1-2), 67-72, 2004
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