Madhumita saha
Madhumita saha
Post-doctoral Fellow, ICTS-TIFR
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Anomalous transport through algebraically localized states in one dimension
M Saha, SK Maiti, A Purkayastha
Physical Review B 100 (17), 174201, 2019
Particle current rectification in a quasi-periodic double-stranded ladder
M Saha, SK Maiti
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High degree of current rectification at nanoscale level
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Circulating current in 1D Hubbard rings with long-range hopping: Comparison between exact diagonalization method and mean-field approach
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Magnetic response of non-interacting and interacting electrons in a Möbius strip
M Saha, SK Maiti
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More current with less particles due to power-law hopping
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Anomalous thermoelectric properties of a Floquet topological insulator with spin momentum non-orthogonality
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Metal–insulator transition in an one-dimensional half-filled interacting mesoscopic ring with spinless fermions: Exact results
M Saha, SK Maiti
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Readout of quasiperiodic systems using qubits
M Saha, BK Agarwalla, BP Venkatesh
Physical Review A 103 (2), 023330, 2021
Generalised Hydrodynamics description of the Page curve-like dynamics of a freely expanding fermionic gas
M Saha, M Kulkarni, A Dhar
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.18422, 2024
Exceptional hypersurfaces of transfer matrices of finite-range lattice models and their consequences on quantum transport properties
M Saha, M Kulkarni, BK Agarwalla
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Environment assisted superballistic scaling of conductance
M Saha, BK Agarwalla, M Kulkarni, A Purkayastha
Physical Review B 108 (16), L161115, 2023
Theoretical study of quantum transport in interacting systems
M Saha
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