Izabel Cristina Freitas Moraes
Izabel Cristina Freitas Moraes
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Study of some physical properties of biodegradable films based on blends of gelatin and poly (vinyl alcohol) using a response-surface methodology
RA Carvalho, TMC Maria, ICF Moraes, PVA Bergo, ES Kamimura, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 29 (2), 485-491, 2009
Film forming solutions based on gelatin and poly (vinyl alcohol) blends: Thermal and rheological characterizations
ICF Moraes, RA Carvalho, AMQB Bittante, J Solorza-Feria, PJA Sobral
Journal of Food Engineering 95 (4), 588-596, 2009
Gelatin-based films reinforced with montmorillonite and activated with nanoemulsion of ginger essential oil for food packaging applications
EMC Alexandre, RV Lourenço, AMQB Bittante, ICF Moraes, ...
Food Packaging and Shelf Life 10, 87-96, 2016
Microencapsulation of an anthocyanin-rich blackberry (Rubus spp.) by-product extract by freeze-drying
C Yamashita, MMS Chung, C dos Santos, CRM Mayer, ICF Moraes, ...
LWT 84, 256-262, 2017
Effects of plasticizer concentration and type on moisture content in gelatin films
P Bergo, ICF Moraes, PJA Sobral
Food hydrocolloids 32 (2), 412-415, 2013
Influência do grau de hidrólise do poli (vinil álcool) nas propriedades físicas de filmes à base de blendas de gelatina e poli (vinil álcool) plastificados com glicerol
IC Moraes, GGD da SILVA, RA de CARVALHO, AMQB Habitante, ...
Ciência e tecnologia de alimentos 28 (3), 738-745, 2008
Systems and synthetic biology for the biotechnological application of cyanobacteria
M Hagemann, WR Hess
Current opinion in biotechnology 49, 94-99, 2018
Viscoelastic and rheological properties of nanocomposite-forming solutions based on gelatin and montmorillonite
MFC Jorge, CHC Flaker, SF Nassar, ICF Moraes, AMQB Bittante, ...
Journal of food engineering 120, 81-87, 2014
Development of functional yogurt containing free and encapsulated echium oil, phytosterol and sinapic acid
TA Comunian, IE Chaves, M Thomazini, ICF Moraes, R Ferro-Furtado, ...
Food chemistry 237, 948-956, 2017
Nutrients content, characterization and oil extraction from Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. fruits
CH Lescano, IP Oliveira, LR Silva, DS Baldivia, EJ Sanjinez-Arg, ...
African Journal of Food Science 9 (3), 113-119, 2015
Effect of different polysaccharides and crosslinkers on echium oil microcapsules
TA Comunian, J Gomez-Estaca, R Ferro-Furtado, GJA Conceição, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 150, 319-329, 2016
Effects of moisture content on structural and dielectric properties of cassava starch films
P Bergo, ICF Moraes, PJA Sobral
Starch‐Stärke 64 (10), 835-839, 2012
Phase transitions in biodegradable films based on blends of gelatin and poly (vinyl alcohol)
PJA Sobral, RA Carvalho, ICF Moraes, AMQB Bittante, ...
Food Science and Technology 31 (2), 372-379, 2011
Nanocomposite-forming solutions based on cassava starch and laponite: Viscoelastic and rheological characterization
GA Valencia, ICF Moraes, LHG Hilliou, RV Lourenço, ...
Journal of Food Engineering 166, 174-181, 2015
Development of active gelatin-based nanocomposite films produced in an automatic spreader
FM Vanin, MH Hirano, RA Carvalho, ICF Moraes, AMQB Bittante, ...
Food Research International 63, 16-24, 2014
Physicochemical, morphological, and functional properties of flour and starch from peach palm (Bactris gasipaes K.) fruit
GA Valencia, ICF Moraes, RV Lourenço, AMQB Bittante, PJA Sobral
Starch‐Stärke 67 (1-2), 163-173, 2015
Effects of different moisture contents on physical properties of PVA-gelatin films
P Bergo, ICF Moraes, PJA Sobral
Food biophysics 7 (4), 354-361, 2012
Influence of pasteurization on antioxidant and in vitro anti-proliferative effects of jambolan (Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels) fruit pulp
IG Branco, ICF Moraes, EJS Argandoña, GS Madrona, C dos Santos, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 89, 225-230, 2016
Dehydration of" dedo de moça" pepper: kinetics and phytochemical concentration
ICF Moraes, PJA Sobral, IG Branco, TB Ré, CA Gomide
Food Science and Technology 33, 134-141, 2013
Drying kinetics and quality of uvaia (Hexachlamys edulis (O. Berg)) powder obtained by foam‐mat drying
IG Branco, TT Kikuchi, EJS Argandoña, ICF Moraes, CWI Haminiuk
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 51 (7), 1703-1710, 2016
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