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Growth responses and photosynthetic characteristics of wild and phycoerythrin-deficient strains of Hypnea musciformis (Rhodophyta)
NS Yokoya, O Necchi, AP Martins, SF Gonzalez, EM Plastino
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Biochemical composition of two red seaweed species grown on the Brazilian coast
V Gressler, MT Fujii, AP Martins, P Colepicolo, J Mancini‐Filho, E Pinto
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Microalgae for economic applications: advantages and perspectives for bioethanol
C Simas-Rodrigues, HDM Villela, AP Martins, LG Marques, P Colepicolo, ...
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Influence of temperature, light and nutrients on the growth rates of the macroalga Gracilaria domingensis in synthetic seawater using experimental design
LF Mendes, LAS Vale, AP Martins, NS Yokoya, E Marinho-Soriano, ...
Journal of applied phycology 24 (6), 1419-1426, 2012
Effects of nitrate and phosphate availabilities on growth, photosynthesis and pigment and protein contents in colour strains of Hypnea musciformis (Wulfen in Jacqu.) JV Lamour …
AP Martins, O Necchi Junior, P Colepicolo, NS Yokoya
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Diversity and distribution of hidden cultivable fungi associated with marine animals of Antarctica
VM Godinho, MTR de Paula, DAS Silva, K Paresque, AP Martins, ...
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Comparison of extraction and transesterification methods on the determination of the fatty acid contents of three Brazilian seaweed species
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A comparison of epiphytic diatom communities on Plocamium cartilagineum (Plocamiales, Florideophyceae) from two Antarctic areas
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Ensaio in vitro da enzima nitrato redutase e efeito da disponibilidade de nitrato e fosfato em variantes pigmentares de Hypnea musciformis (Wulfen) JV Lamour.(Gigartinales …
AP Martins, F Chow, NS Yokoya
Brazilian Journal of Botany 32 (4), 635-645, 2009
Biochemical modulation by carbon and nitrogen addition in cultures of Dictyota menstrualis (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) to generate oil-based bioproducts
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AP Martins, NS Yokoya
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Effects of kinetin and nitrogen on growth rates, pigment and protein contents in wild and phycoerythrin-deficient strains of Hypnea musciformis (Rhodophyta)
AP Martins, NS Yokoya, MAM Carvalho, EM Plastino
Nineteenth International Seaweed Symposium, 317-323, 2007
Efeitos da disponibilidade do nitrato no metabolismo do nitrogênio em variantes pigmentares de Hypnea musciformis (Wulfen in Jacqu.) JV Lamour.(Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)
AP Martins
Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)/Aline Paternostro Martins-São Paulo, 2007
Macroalgas marinhas da Antártica
MT Fujii, Y Yoneshigue-Valentin, NS Yokoya, D Pupo, S Guimaraes, ...
Cubo, São Carlos 1, 93, 2014
Biotechnological potential of benthic marine algae collected along the Brazilian coast
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Avaliação do potencial biotecnológico de macroalgas marinhas
AP Martins
Universidade de São Paulo, 2013
Chemical Characterization and Cytotoxic Activity of Antarctic Macroalgae Extracts against Colorectal Cancer
R Frassini, YP da Silva, S Moura, LZ Villela, AP Martins, P Colepicolo, ...
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TG Trigueiro, DC Pereira, AP Martins, P Colepicolo, E Marinho-Soriano
International Aquatic Research 9 (3), 225-233, 2017
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