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Markus Pristovsek
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The critical thickness of InGaN on (0 0 0 1) GaN
M Leyer, J Stellmach, C Meissner, M Pristovsek, M Kneissl
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WG Schmidt, F Bechstedt, N Esser, M Pristovsek, C Schultz, W Richter
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JT Zettler, K Haberland, M Zorn, M Pristovsek, W Richter, P Kurpas, ...
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N Esser, U Resch-Esser, M Pristovsek, W Richter
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Surface diffusion and layer morphology of (11-22) GaN grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
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JT Zettler, J Rumberg, K Ploska, K Stahrenberg, M Pristovsek, W Richter, ...
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Spectroscopic process sensors in MOVPE device production.
K Haberland, P Kurpas, M Pristovsek, JT Zettler, M Weyers, W Richter
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MOVPE growth of semipolar (112¯ 2) AlN on m-plane (101¯ 0) sapphire
J Stellmach, M Frentrup, F Mehnke, M Pristovsek, T Wernicke, M Kneissl
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Structural and optical properties of semipolar (112 2) AlGaN grown on (101 0) sapphire by metal–organic vapor phase epitaxy
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Journal of crystal growth 367, 42-47, 2013
Real-time calibration of wafer temperature, growth rate and composition by optical in-situ techniques during AlxGa1− xAs growth in MOVPE
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D Skuridina, DV Dinh, B Lacroix, P Ruterana, M Hoffmann, Z Sitar, ...
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Topography of (202¯ 1) AlGaN, GaN and InGaN layers grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
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Radiative recombination mechanisms in polar and non-polar InGaN/GaN quantum well LED structures
TJ Badcock, M Ali, T Zhu, M Pristovsek, RA Oliver, AJ Shields
Applied Physics Letters 109 (15), 151110, 2016
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