Camilo A. R. Diaz
Camilo A. R. Diaz
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Liquid level measurement based on FBG-embedded diaphragms with temperature compensation
CAR Diaz, AG Leal-Junior, PSB Andre, PF da Costa Antunes, MJ Pontes, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (1), 193-200, 2017
Multimodal human–robot interaction for walker-assisted gait
CA Cifuentes, C Rodriguez, A Frizera-Neto, TF Bastos-Filho, R Carelli
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Low-cost interrogation technique for dynamic measurements with FBG-based devices
CAR Díaz, C Leitão, CA Marques, MF Domingues, N Alberto, MJ Pontes, ...
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Polymer optical fiber Bragg gratings in CYTOP fibers for angle measurement with dynamic compensation
A Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, C Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, ...
Polymers 10 (6), 674, 2018
Polymer optical fiber-based sensor for simultaneous measurement of breath and heart rate under dynamic movements
AG Leal-Junior, CR Díaz, C Leitão, MJ Pontes, C Marques, A Frizera
Optics & Laser Technology 109, 429-436, 2019
A cost-effective edge-filter based FBG interrogator using catastrophic fuse effect micro-cavity interferometers
CAR Díaz, CAF Marques, MFF Domingues, MRN Ribeiro, A Frizera-Neto, ...
Measurement 124, 486-493, 2018
Quasi-distributed torque and displacement sensing on a series elastic actuator’s spring using FBG arrays inscribed in CYTOP fibers
AG Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, R Min, J Casas, CR Díaz, WM Dos Santos, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (11), 4054-4061, 2019
Polymer optical fiber sensors in healthcare applications: A comprehensive review
AG Leal-Junior, CAR Diaz, LM Avellar, MJ Pontes, C Marques, A Frizera
Sensors 19 (14), 3156, 2019
Simultaneous measurement of axial strain, bending and torsion with a single fiber Bragg grating in CYTOP fiber
AG Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, CR Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 (3), 971-980, 2018
Material features based compensation technique for the temperature effects in a polymer diaphragm-based FBG pressure sensor
A Leal-Junior, A Frizera, C Díaz, C Marques, M Ribeiro, MJ Pontes
Optics express 26 (16), 20590-20602, 2018
Envelope-based technique for liquid level sensors using an in-line fiber Mach–Zehnder interferometer
CA Rodríguez, MRN Ribeiro, A Frizera-Neto, CES Castellani, MJ Pontes
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Simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature with a single FBG embedded in a polymer diaphragm
AG Leal-Junior, CAR Díaz, A Frizera, C Marques, MRN Ribeiro, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 112, 77-84, 2019
Multiplexing technique for quasi-distributed sensors arrays in polymer optical fiber intensity variation-based sensors
AG Leal-Junior, CR Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, A Frizera
Optics & Laser Technology 111, 81-88, 2019
Optical fiber sensing for sub-millimeter liquid-level monitoring: a review
CAR Díaz, A Leal-Junior, C Marques, A Frizera, MJ Pontes, PFC Antunes, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (17), 7179-7191, 2019
Fiber Bragg Gratings in CYTOP Fibers Embedded in a 3D-Printed Flexible Support for Assessment of Human–Robot Interaction Forces
A Leal-Junior, A Theodosiou, C Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, K Kalli, ...
Materials 11 (11), 2305, 2018
3D-printed POF insole: Development and applications of a low-cost, highly customizable device for plantar pressure and ground reaction forces monitoring
AG Leal-Junior, CR Díaz, C Marques, MJ Pontes, A Frizera
Optics & Laser Technology 116, 256-264, 2019
Plane-by-plane written, low-loss polymer optical fiber bragg grating arrays for multiparameter sensing in a smart walker
AG Leal-Junior, A Frizera, A Theodosiou, C Díaz, M Jimenez, R Min, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (20), 9221-9228, 2019
Perrogator: A portable energy-efficient interrogator for dynamic monitoring of wavelength-based sensors in wearable applications
CA R Diaz, AG Leal-Junior, L M Avellar, PF C Antunes, MJ Pontes, ...
Sensors 19 (13), 2962, 2019
Polymer optical fiber-based sensor system for smart walker instrumentation and health assessment
AG Leal-Junior, CR Diaz, MF Jimenez, C Leitão, C Marques, MJ Pontes, ...
IEEE sensors journal 19 (2), 567-574, 2018
Analysis of viscoelastic properties influence on strain and temperature responses of Fabry-Perot cavities based on UV-curable resins
AG Leal-Junior, CR Díaz, C Marques, A Frizera, MJ Pontes
Optics & Laser Technology 120, 105743, 2019
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