Gustavo Troiano Feliciano
Gustavo Troiano Feliciano
Departamento de Engenharia, Física e Matemática, Instituto de Química, UNESP Araraquara
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Thermally activated charge transport in microbial protein nanowires
S Lampa-Pastirk, JP Veazey, KA Walsh, GT Feliciano, RJ Steidl, ...
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GT Feliciano, RJ Steidl, G Reguera
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Caprylate salts based on amines as volatile corrosion inhibitors for metallic zinc: theoretical and experimental studies
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Unravelling the reaction mechanism of matrix metalloproteinase 3 using QM/MM calculations
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Two-Dimensional Nature and the Meaning of the Density of States in Redox Monolayers
GT Feliciano, PR Bueno
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (27), 14918-14927, 2020
Optimization and application of imprinted poly (AA-EGDMA) for solid phase extraction of ciprofloxacin in artificial urine
L D Marestoni, A Wong, G T Feliciano, M RR Marchi, C RT Tarley, ...
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The density-of-States and equilibrium charge dynamics of redox-active switches
PR Bueno, VWD Cruzeiro, AE Roitberg, GT Feliciano
Electrochimica Acta 387, 138410, 2021
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