Duclerc F. Parra
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Mechanical properties and water vapor transmission in some blends of cassava starch edible films
DF Parra, CC Tadini, P Ponce, AB Lugão
Carbohydrate polymers 58 (4), 475-481, 2004
Enhancement of the luminescent intensity of the novel system containing Eu3+‐β‐diketonate complex doped in the epoxy resin
DF Parra, HF Brito, JDR Matos, LC Dias
Journal of applied polymer science 83 (12), 2716-2726, 2002
Polymer matrix sensitizing effect on photoluminescence properties of Eu 3+-β-diketonate complex doped into poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) in film form
J Kai, DF Parra, HF Brito
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (38), 4549-4554, 2008
Influence of poly (ethylene glycol) on the thermal, mechanical, morphological, physical–chemical and biodegradation properties of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate)
DF Parra, J Fusaro, F Gaboardi, DS Rosa
Polymer degradation and stability 91 (9), 1954-1959, 2006
Wild-type microglia do not reverse pathology in mouse models of Rett syndrome
J Wang, JE Wegener, TW Huang, S Sripathy, H De Jesus-Cortes, P Xu, ...
Nature 521 (7552), E1, 2015
Influence of fibers on the mechanical properties of cassava starch foams
LG Carr, DF Parra, P Ponce, AB Lugao, PM Buchler
Journal of Polymers and the Environment 14 (2), 179-183, 2006
High-energy radiation forming chain scission and branching in polypropylene
H Otaguro, L De Lima, DF Parra, AB Lugao, MA Chinelatto, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 79 (3), 318-324, 2010
Influence of vegetable shortening and emulsifiers on the unfrozen water content and textural properties of frozen French bread dough
TG Matuda, DF Parra, AB Lugão, CC Tadini
LWT-Food Science and Technology 38 (3), 275-280, 2005
Crystallization on films of PHB/PEG blends: Evaluation by DSC
JAFR Rodrigues, DF Parra, AB Lugão
Journal of Thermal analysis and Calorimetry 79 (2), 379-381, 2005
Controlled degradation and crosslinking of polypropylene induced by gamma radiation and acetylene
A Yoshiga, H Otaguro, DF Parra, LFCP Lima, AB Lugao
Polymer bulletin 63 (3), 397-409, 2009
Production of high melt strength polypropylene by gamma irradiation
AB Lugão, BWH Artel, A Yoshiga, L Lima, DF Parra, JR Bueno, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 76 (11-12), 1691-1695, 2007
Green luminescence system containing a Tb3+‐β‐diketonate complex doped in the epoxy resin as sensitizer
DF Parra, A Mucciolo, HF Brito
Journal of applied polymer science 94 (3), 865-870, 2004
UV stability of HMS-PP (high melt strength polypropylene) obtained by radiation process
WL Oliani, DF Parra, AB Lugão
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 79 (3), 383-387, 2010
Thermal behavior of the epoxy and polyester powder coatings using thermogravimetry/differential thermal analysis coupled gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (TG/DTA–GC/MS …
DF Parra, LP Mercuri, JR Matos, HF Brito, RR Romano
Thermochimica acta 386 (2), 143-151, 2002
Optical characteristics of the Eu3+–β-diketonate complex doped into epoxy resin
DF Parra, A Mucciolo, HF Brito, LC Thompson
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 171 (1-2), 412-419, 2003
Prevalence of stroke in two samples (rural and urban) of old people in Spain. A pilot door-to-door study carried out by health professionals.
F Bermejo, S Vega, JM Morales, J Díaz, L López, D Parra, C Colmenarejo, ...
Neurologia (Barcelona, Spain) 12 (4), 157-161, 1997
Effect of lyophilization on the structure and phase changes of PEGylated-bovine serum albumin
V Tattini Jr, DF Parra, B Polakiewicz, RNM Pitombo
International journal of pharmaceutics 304 (1-2), 124-134, 2005
Review on the production process and uses of controlled rheology polypropylene—Gamma radiation versus electron beam processing
AB Lugão, H Otaguro, DF Parra, A Yoshiga, L Lima, BWH Artel, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 76 (11-12), 1688-1690, 2007
Study of the morphology, thermal and mechanical properties of irradiated isotactic polypropylene films
WL Oliani, L Lima, DF Parra, DB Dias, AB Lugao
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 79 (3), 325-328, 2010
Comportamento do polipropileno em presença de monômeros trifuncionais no estado fundido e sua influência na morfologia
H Otaguro, BWH Artel, DF Parra, ECL Cardoso, L Lima, AB Lugão
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