El Tayeb Bentria
El Tayeb Bentria
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Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute
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Hydrogen bonding and stability of hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites
F El‐Mellouhi, A Marzouk, ET Bentria, SN Rashkeev, S Kais, FH Alharbi
ChemSusChem 9 (18), 2648-2655, 2016
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F El-Mellouhi, ET Bentria, SN Rashkeev, S Kais, FH Alharbi
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F El-Mellouhi, ET Bentria, A Marzouk, SN Rashkeev, S Kais, FH Alharbi
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Ab initio investigation of the elastic and piezoelectric properties of lithium based Chalcogenides LiMX2 (M= Ga, In; X= S, Se)
B Lagoun, T Bentria, B Bentria
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Searching for the rate determining step of the H2S reaction on Fe (110) surface
SO Akande, ET Bentria, O Bouhali, F El-Mellouhi
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ET Bentria, GK N'tsouaglo, CS Becquart, O Bouhali, N Mousseau, ...
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A Chakrabarty, ET Bentria, SA Omotayo, O Bouhali, N Mousseau, ...
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Toward a better understanding of the enhancing/embrittling effects of impurities in Nickel grain boundaries
ET Bentria, IK Lefkaier, A Benghia, B Bentria, MB Kanoun, S Goumri-Said
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Solar Cell Materials by Design: Hybrid Pyroxene Corner‐Sharing VO4 Tetrahedral Chains
F El‐Mellouhi, A Akande, C Motta, SN Rashkeev, G Berdiyorov, ...
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Capturing the iron carburization mechanisms from the surface to bulk
ET Bentria, SO Akande, CS Becquart, N Mousseau, O Bouhali, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (52), 28569-28579, 2020
Insights on the effect of water content in carburizing gas mixtures on the metal dusting corrosion of iron
ET Bentria, SO Akande, A Ramesh, N Laycock, W Hamer, M Normand, ...
Applied Surface Science 579, 152138, 2022
Accelerating the design of photocatalytic surfaces for antimicrobial application: machine learning based on a sparse dataset
H Park, ET Bentria, S Rtimi, A Arredouani, H Bensmail, F El-Mellouhi
Catalysts 11 (8), 1001, 2021
Oxychalcogenide Perovskite Solar Cells: A Multiscale Design Approach
H Park, AAB Baloch, ET Bentria, SN Rashkeev, FH Alharbi, F El-Mellouhi
Energy Technology 8 (4), 1900766, 2020
Enhancing the electronic dimensionality of hybrid organic–inorganic frameworks by hydrogen bonded molecular cations
F El-Mellouhi, ME Madjet, GR Berdiyorov, ET Bentria, SN Rashkeev, ...
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The Effect of Impurities in Nickel Grain Boundary: Density Functional Theory Study
IK Lefkaier, ET Bentria
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Controlling surface chemistry of CO reactions on Fe surface by S blocking: A first-principles and microkinetic studies
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Study of grain boundary character
T Tański, W Borek
BoD–Books on Demand, 2017
Computational demystification of iron carbonyls formation under syngas environment
ET Bentria, PM Shenai, S Sanvito, H Park, LK Béland, N Laycock, ...
npj Materials Degradation 8 (1), 19, 2024
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