Marília Pacífico Lucisano
Marília Pacífico Lucisano
Especialista em Laboratório do Departamento de Clínica Infantil da FORP - USP
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Ex vivo accuracy of an apex locator using digital signal processing in primary teeth
MR Leonardo, LAB Silva, P Nelson-Filho, RAB Silva, MP Lucisano
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Influence of water flow rate on shear bond strength of resin composite to Er: YAG cavity preparation.
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MMP2 and MMP9 are Associated with Apical Periodontitis Progression and Might be Modulated by TLR2 and MyD88
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Comparison between one-session root canal treatment with aPDT and two-session treatment with calcium hydroxide-based antibacterial dressing, in dog’s teeth with apical …
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Utilização de localizadores eletrônicos foraminais na determinação da odontometria, em dentes decíduos
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Suplemento sistêmico de fluoretos na gestação-indicar ou não indicar
MP Lucisano, FC Rehder Neto, AM Queiroz, A Rossi, P Nelson-Filho
Arquivo Brasileiro de Odontologia 9 (2), 18-26, 2013
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