Nuala Caffrey
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Assembling 2D MXenes into highly stable pseudocapacitive electrodes with high power and energy densities
A VahidMohammadi, M Mojtabavi, NM Caffrey, M Wanunu, M Beidaghi
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Electronic properties of bulk and thin film : Search for the metal-insulator transition
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Effect of mixed surface terminations on the structural and electrochemical properties of two-dimensional Ti 3 C 2 T 2 and V 2 CT 2 MXenes multilayers
NM Caffrey
Nanoscale 10 (28), 13520-13530, 2018
On the interaction of toxic Heavy Metals (Cd, Hg, Pb) with graphene quantum dots and infinite graphene
I Shtepliuk, NM Caffrey, T Iakimov, V Khranovskyy, IA Abrikosov, ...
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Spin-filtering efficiency of ferrimagnetic spinels CoFe 2 O 4 and NiFe 2 O 4
NM Caffrey, D Fritsch, T Archer, S Sanvito, C Ederer
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Ge‐Based Spin‐Photodiodes for Room‐Temperature Integrated Detection of Photon Helicity
C Rinaldi, M Cantoni, D Petti, A Sottocorno, M Leone, NM Caffrey, ...
Advanced Materials, 2012
Structural and electronic properties of Li-intercalated graphene on SiC (0001)
NM Caffrey, LI Johansson, C Xia, R Armiento, IA Abrikosov, C Jacobi
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Coexistance of Giant Tunneling Electroresistance and Magnetoresistance in an All-Oxide Composite Magnetic Tunnel Junction
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Charge neutrality in epitaxial graphene on 6 H-SiC (0001) via nitrogen intercalation
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Prediction of large bias-dependent magnetoresistance in all-oxide magnetic tunnel junctions with a ferroelectric barrier
NM Caffrey, T Archer, I Rungger, S Sanvito
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Atomic-scale inversion of spin polarization at an organic-antiferromagnetic interface
NM Caffrey, P Ferriani, S Marocchi, S Heinze
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Effect of dispersion corrections on ab initio predictions of graphite and diamond properties under pressure
I Mosyagin, D Gambino, DG Sangiovanni, IA Abrikosov, NM Caffrey
Physical Review B 98 (17), 174103, 2018
Adsorption of common solvent molecules on graphene and MoS2 from first-principles
U Patil, NM Caffrey
The Journal of Chemical Physics 149 (9), 2018
First-principles calculations of properties of orthorhombic iron carbide Fe 7 C 3 at the Earth's core conditions
Z Raza, N Shulumba, NM Caffrey, L Dubrovinsky, IA Abrikosov
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Graphene-mediated exchange coupling between a molecular spin and magnetic substrates
S Marocchi, P Ferriani, NM Caffrey, F Manghi, S Heinze, V Bellini
Physical Review B 88 (14), 144407, 2013
Changes in work function due to NO 2 adsorption on monolayer and bilayer epitaxial graphene on SiC (0001)
NM Caffrey, R Armiento, R Yakimova, IA Abrikosov
Physical Review B 94 (20), 205411, 2016
Prediction of Optimal Synthesis Conditions for the Formation of Ordered Double-Transition-Metal MXenes (o-MXenes)
NM Caffrey
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (34), 18797-18804, 2020
Composition dependence of the charge-driven phase transition in group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides
U Patil, NM Caffrey
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Competing forces during contact formation between a tip and a single molecule
NM Caffrey, K Buchmann, N Hauptmann, C Lazo, P Ferriani, S Heinze, ...
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Tunneling anisotropic magnetoresistance effect of single adatoms on a noncollinear magnetic surface
NM Caffrey, S Schröder, P Ferriani, S Heinze
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26 (39), 394010, 2014
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